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They’re dates. Ya’ eat ’em. Souq in Nizwa, Oman.


Ignore ’em. Let go the haters. Delete people who tell you why blogging seems SOOO hard. Cancel bloggers obsessed with sharing their obstacles.


No one needs these bloggers in their lives. Negative bloggers hold you back. No negative blogger encourages you to charge forward. How could a negative blogger – or reader – teach you how to succeed, by moving forward? Negative folks anchor themselves down with their own titanic-sized burden of negativity.


Some people seem entirely hellbent on getting you to quit. Forget it. Screw ’em. Let them go. People trying to dissuade you from blogging attempt to project their fears onto you. Why trust their fears? Why listen to negative people? Stop trusting negative people. Cease believing people who advise you as to what can or will definitely go wrong. Let these people go. Leave these people in the cyber dust.


As a rule, I ignore negative people because folks vibing fear only teach you how to be afraid, how to struggle and how to fail. Fear teaches you failure, not freedom. Fear teaches you how to struggle, not how to succeed. Completely kick these people out of your life to energize yourself for a long, sustained, sometimes scary blogging journey.


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I surround myself with high energy, compassionate bloggers who teach me how to succeed through their example. Learn from the best. Become the best. Loving bloggers offer honest feedback to pick you up. Fearful bloggers offer negative feedback – skewed by their fears – to pull you down. Why would you trust someone intending to pull you down? Be gone with these folks. Negative nellies have no room in your life. Surround yourself with the highest energy people to follow their lead.


Blogging feels easier and easier if you patiently befriend positive, uplifting bloggers. High energy pros teach you how to succeed versus scaring you into failure.


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Ignore Naysayers 


Totally let go all illusions of fear and folks who cling to these illusions. Allow in higher energies. Give your attention and energy to people who believe in you. Believe more deeply in yourself to build up your blogging support system. Do not give in. Do not give up. Persistent, patient, generous bloggers rub off on you but you better surround yourself only with these folks and get rid of the negative blogging crowd. Negative blogging influences have a way of pulling you down into the cyber muck, the primordial ooze afflicting way too many bloggers out there.


I suggest doing a friend scan from time to time. Give yourself a friend list purge every 3-6 months to get serious about raising the energetic bar.


I surround myself with heart-centered, kind, successful bloggers like Sue-Ann Bubacz to follow their lead. Blogging becomes easier and easier for me because generous, compassionate people like Sue-Ann multiply my success, by being shining examples of how to blog the right way and by promoting me and endorsing me.


Guys; no downsides exist to surrounding yourself ONLY with uplifting bloggers. Of course, no downsides exist to ignoring and deleting negative blogging nellies in your life. All good on both counts!


Let go the zero’s.


Hang with the heroes.


Make your blogging life easier by ignoring blogging naysayers and surrounding yourself with blogging champions.




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