Is Blogging All Sunshine and Roses?

Putnam County, New York, USA.


Yes…..*after* 15,000 hours of blogging practice 🙂


Grabbing a cup of coffee, sitting down and writing this post feels easy to me. Words flow. Piece of cake. But only because I blogged for 15,000 hours does blogging feel easy to me. Do something regularly. Practice diligently. Become skilled. Easy peasy.


But during those 15,000 blogging hours, blogging did not always feel easy. Blogging sometimes felt hard. Blogging sometimes felt difficult, scary or intimidating. Blogging did not feel like sunshine and roses during short periods of time.


Blogging Feels Easier after Facing Fears


That pretty much sums up my blogging journey over the past 10 years of my life. I face fears. I feel fears. I release fears. Blogging gets easier, and easier and easier.


Why do bloggers struggle to drive traffic and profits? Bloggers refuse to:


  • face fear
  • feel fear
  • release fear


Bloggers sometimes see me, living a fun life of travel, and *assume* blogging is all sunshine and roses because I make blogging look easy. Blogging is easy for me now and I live a cool life now. But only 15,000 hours of blogging allowed blogging to be easy and allowed for me to live this life.


Seeing through the Fear Forest


I am on vacation again. Kelli and I arrived in Putnam County, New York State, last evening. After 16 months of living home in NJ to tend to family matters, we experience our first vacation since traveling to Thailand in May 2019. Life feels fun. Life feels freeing. Home for the next month sits beside a deep, pristine forest. New York State seems to be in a different universe than NYC. Peep the featured image to see our backyard for the month.


I can barely see through the forest beyond a hundred yards or so. Like me here in a lush, green forest, most bloggers cannot seem to see through the forest of fears in their minds. Blogging appeared to be easy. Seemed like all sunshine and roses. Write posts. Publish posts. Make money. Circle the globe. Right?




Becoming a professional blogger involves thousands of hours spent:


  • learning
  • studying
  • practicing
  • creating
  • connecting
  • honing, owning and mastering various skills


Fears arise in your being during these thousands of blogging hours. Your job is to see through the forest of blogging fears by facing, feeling and releasing one fear at a time.


Fears arise in your being during these thousands of blogging hours. Your job is to see through the forest of blogging fears by facing, feeling and releasing one fear at a time.Click To Tweet


How? Pick a fun, freeing intent to guide you through the fear forest. Blog to free yourself from a depressing job to circle the globe. Blog to free yourself to work from home in order to spend more time with your family. Blog to establish a part time income stream to complement your full time job salary.


Blogging? Worth It


Wading through fears is worth it because being free trumps everything. Feeling scared for a few moments is worth writing and publishing your next blog post to help readers and to help yourself. Spending years building your blog – and your blogging business – is worth being free to circle the globe as a professional blogger.


Tips for Wading through Tough Blogging Times


Increase your emotional intelligence. Meditate, do Kriya yoga, do yin yoga and exercise. Or do what works for you. Increasing your emotional intelligence helps you glide more gracefully through fear.


Remember your freeing why. Hold the reason why you blog close to the vest. Desiring freedom nudges you through fear-fueled tough blogging times.


Invest in premium resources. Buy my blogging course. Buy my blogging eBook for thinking like a pro blogger. The fear minefield seems daunting at first. Investing money in premium resources gives you confidence, clarity and courage in following proven blogging systems to succeed online.



I know how tough blogging can be guys. But it feels better if you make the mental and physical effort to follow your fun, to face fear and to keep blogging for the long haul.


Success will find you when you’re too busy giving blogging your all to be distracted or derailed by fear.

Ryan Biddulph

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