Is It REALLY Worth Your Money?

Are you looking for an insanely reliable and high-performing web host? Want to host your website on a fast and secure web hosting platform? Try Nexcess web hosting.

What is Nexcess?

Nexcess is Liquid Web’s sister company that offers managed hosting services including WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. Most of the Nexcess reviews boast about its excellent speed and security.

So why should you go for Nexcess web hosting when there are a ton of alternatives out there?

In this detailed Nexcess review, we’ll find exactly that where you’ll discover;

  • Features of Nexcess hosting
  • Nexcess pros and cons 
  • Pricing of Nexcess
  • WPQuickStart (offers a powerful way to build a membership site)
  • And many more

So are you ready? Let’s jump into the details. 

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nexcess review


Nexcess hosting is Liquid Web’s sister company which currently has over 500,000 websites under its management. Nexcess offers incredible features such as free website migration, daily backups, fully managed hosting, etc at affordable prices.

Here’s our detailed Nexcess review comprising all their features, pros, cons, uptime, speed, and more.

nexcess review

Honest Nexcess Review: How Good Is This Web Host for WordPress?

Nexcess Web Hosting Features List:

Here’s a list of some of the powerful hosting features offered by Nexcess web hosting.

  • Fully managed WordPress hosting service 
  • Automatic plugin and platform updates
  • Visual comparisons
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free website transfers
  • Free CDN 
  • Free daily backups
  • Free SSL 
  • Instant auto-scaling
  • Staging feature is available
  • Gives access to full server 
  • 24/7/365 support team access
  • 24/7 monitoring & alert response

Nexcess Hosting Speed & Uptime Test

How good is Nexcess hosting’s speed? What about their uptime? Let’s find out.

Quick note: We hosted our websites on Nexcess web hosting servers to analyze the speed and uptime.

Here are the results of speed tests from three different websites.

  • GTmetrix test: Average loading time is 1.3 seconds
  • Pingdom test: Average loading time is 2.7 seconds
  • PageSpeed Insights by Google: We achieved a perfect score of 100

GTmetrix test: On GTmetrix, here’s the speed report as the average loading time is 1.3 seconds


Pingdom test: On Pingdom tools, the average load time is 2.71 seconds.


PageSpeed Insights (Google): On Google PageSpeed Insights, we got a perfect 100 score.

Nexcess Review 2021: Is It REALLY Worth Your Money?

We used the tools UptimeRobot and HRank to find out the average uptime of Nexcess web hosting and here are the results.

On UptimeRobot: There’s 100% uptime from the day we started monitoring it.

nexcess uptime

On HRank: There’s 99.988% of uptime in the last 30 days, which is incredible. 


All in all, Nexcess web hosting offers superior speeds and uptime. If you’re looking for faster web hosting, use the following link to try Nexcess hosting.

3 MAJOR Reasons to Choose Nexcess Hosting Over Others

So how does Nexcess web hosting stands out when compared to other web hosts? Here are the THREE biggest benefits of using Nexcess.

1. Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess offers a fully managed WordPress hosting environment.

What does it mean? It means you can stay focused on building your website with content while they handle the daily maintenance of your server.

They’ll also take care of most of the technical stuff including;

  • Updating WordPress core automatically
  • Updating your WordPress plugins
  • Providing pre-installed plugins
  • Image compression to provide faster browser load times
  • Giving you full server access
  • Automated daily backups
  • Providing support from WordPress experts 24/7/365 and the list goes on

To put it simply, there’s nothing you have to do. Just create content and products. Nexcess takes care of the rest.

So if you’re new to WordPress or don’t want to deal with the technical stuff, managed WordPress hosting from Nexcess is a great choice for you.

2. Exceptional Hosting Features

Nexcess offers a plethora of powerful hosting features. Here are some of them.

A built-in CDN: Nexcess web hosting offers you a built-in CDN with 22 locations that are located across the world. No matter where your visitors are coming from – they’ll get faster loading times.

nexcess cdn

Free backups: Backups are extremely important as you should be able to restore all your data when you accidentally lose your files. Nexcess offers daily backups for free as they provide 30-day automatic backups.

Nexcess keeps up to 30 days’ worth of backups on the off-server. When you want to restore a backup, you can contact their support team by email or live chat.

Free SSL: An SSL certificate is what helps you turn your domain from HTTP to HTTPS secured version. HTTPS is a ranking signal – so you must make sure to install SSL certificates on your domain. Nexcess installs SSL certificates automatically for FREE.

Free website migration: It’s really difficult to migrate a website from one host to other. If you want to switch to Nexcess hosting from your existing host, Nexcess offers a free website migration service.

You just need to contact their support team by sharing your current web hosting details. Their migration specialists will schedule a time to migrate your website.

3. Access to Premium Tools for FREE

By default, Nexcess offers the following premium tools for free to all its users.

Visual Compare: It will automatically create a staging site, update your plugins, and take screenshots before and after the plugin update. If there are no issues found, the plugins will be installed on the production site automatically.

WP Merge: WP Merge makes WordPress database merging extremely easy. It merges changes on the developer site to the live site without over-writing the changes made to the live site since cloning.

iThemes Security Pro: It is a WordPress security plugin that helps you safeguard your websites from software hacks. It provides you over 30 ways to secure and protect your sites from various attacks including security breaches, brute force attacks, etc.

iThemes Sync: It is a powerful WordPress maintenance plugin that helps you easily update and backup multiple WordPress sites from one place. You can perform all WordPress admin tasks without having to log in to multiple websites.

TinyPNG: This tool uses smart compression techniques to reduce the file size of your image files without reducing the image quality. It will use less bandwidth and help you with faster loading times. 

Qubely Pro: It provides a powerful Gutenberg block toolkit with a ton of custom blocks and predefined sections to create beautiful websites effortlessly.

Apart from the premium tools, Nexcess doesn’t charge overage fees. There are no traffic limits or metered pageviews which make Nexcess one of the best managed hosting providers. 

Loving the features provided by Nexcess?

Nexcess Hosting Pricing

Nexcess web hosting offers you the following seven pricing plans in managed WordPress hosting.

1. Spark plan: This is the cheapest plan from Nexcess which costs you $15.83/mo when billed annually or it costs you $19 when paid monthly. With this plan, you can host only one website and you’ll get access to 15GB storage and 2TB bandwidth. 

2. Maker plan: This plan costs you $65.83/mo when billed annually or it costs you $79 when paid monthly. With this plan, you can install up to 5 websites with 40GB storage and 3TB bandwidth. 

3. Designer plan: This plan costs you $90.83/mo when billed annually or it costs you $109 when paid monthly. With this plan, you can host up to 10 websites with 60GB storage and 4TB bandwidth. 

4. Builder plan: This plan costs you $124.17/mo when billed annually or it costs you $149 when paid monthly. With this plan, you can host up to 25 websites with 100GB storage and 5TB bandwidth. 

5. Producer plan: This plan costs you $249.17/mo when billed annually or it costs you $299 when paid monthly. With this plan, you can host up to 50 websites with 300GB storage and 5TB bandwidth. 

6. Executive plan: This plan costs you $457.50/mo when billed annually or it costs you $549 when paid monthly. With this plan, you can install up to 100 websites with 500GB storage and 10TB bandwidth. 

7. Enterprise plan: This plan costs you $832.50/mo when billed annually or it costs you $999 when paid monthly. With this plan, you can install up to 250 websites with 800GB storage and 10TB bandwidth. 

So what are you waiting for? Use the following link to try Nexcess hosting.

Start your WordPress site on Nexcess now!

All the Nexcess web hosting plans come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Build Membership Sites with WPQuickStart

Are you looking for a FASTER yet affordable way to build membership sites on WordPress?

Nexcess web hosting offers WPQuickStart that helps you quickly build a membership site on WordPress.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to create and manage your membership sites on WordPress, WPQuickStart by Nexcess is the perfect choice for you.

Features of WPQuickStart by Nexcess

Here are some of the features of WPQuickStart by Nexcess;

  • WPQuickStart is powered by fully managed WordPress hosting by Nexcess
  • Gives you access to Restrict Content Pro with all the membership plans (worth $349)
  • Access to a staging environment
  • Free 30-day backups
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Integrate your membership sites easily with Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout,, and PayPal
  • Gives you access to multi-level subscription plans
  • Automated emails to easily connect with your membership site users
  • Reporting
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee 

So what are you waiting for?

How much does WPQuickStart by Nexcess cost you?

WPQuickStart by Nexcess offers you the following three pricing packages.

1. Membership Essential: This is the starter plan from WPQuickStart which costs you $49 per month where you can manage 1 membership site. It gives you access to 30GB storage and 3TB bandwidth.

2. Membership Pro: This plan costs you $99 per month where you can manage 1 membership site. It gives you access to 60GB storage and 5TB bandwidth.

3. Membership Premium: This plan costs you $149 per month where you can manage 1 membership site. It gives you access to 100GB storage and 5TB bandwidth.

Build a membership site with WPQuickStart today!

Pros & Cons of Nexcess Hosting

Here are the pros and cons of Nexcess web hosting.


  • Gives you access to a wide range of paid tools including Visual Compare, WP Merge, iThemes Security Pro, iThemes Sync, TinyPNG, and Qubely Pro
  • No overage fees or website traffic limits
  • You’ll get customer support access from WordPress experts 24/7/365
  • Free instant backups are provided with all the plans
  • Free SSL
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • Free website migrations with ALL plans
  • Always-on security monitoring
  • Automated WordPress updates on plugins and platform 
  • One-click staging
  • Full server access
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 30 days moneyback guarantee 
  • Nexcess owned data centers


  • It doesn’t offer a free domain

Nexcess Reviews

On TrustPilot, Nexcess web hosting has a 4.2 rating out of 5, which is great.

nexcess reviews

Here’s what WordPress experts think about Nexcess web hosting.

nexcess reviews experts

Nexcess Hosting Support

Nexcess offers 24/7/365 customer support and it includes a variety of support options including phone support, email support, and live chat support.

nexcess support

Their customer support team is available via chat from 8 am to 5 pm (EST) Monday through Friday.

Also, it has support resources like articles, guides, FAQs that you can use to solve your hosting-related queries. No matter what query or issue you’ve related to web hosting, Nexcess has an answer. 

Do We Recommend Nexcess?

Yes, we do.

Nexcess is a great web hosting option for those who’re looking for a managed hosting choice. The best part? Their pricing plans start only at around $15 per month which is great.

Nexcess offers bulletproof security along with ultimate loading times. 

They offer excellent hosting features such as free website migration, a great money-back guarantee, plenty of premium plugins, and multiple tiers of hosting packages suitable for different website users.  

If you are looking for a web host that’s faster and secure and includes all-inclusive web hosting packages to help you quickly set up a website, then Nexcess is for you.

Also, Nexcess hosting offers a 14-day free trial (most web hosts don’t provide free trials) so you can try their hosting and upgrade only if you’re satisfied. You can grab their free web hosting trial even without a credit card!

FAQs About Nexcess Web Hosting 2021

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about Nexcess hosting.

What is Nexcess?

Nexcess is a web hosting company (Liquid Web’s sister company) that offers truly managed web hosting services for various platforms including WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting offers you all the tools and infrastructure to run your WordPress sites smoothly so you can focus on content or product creation. Managed WordPress hosting usually includes;

– Automated daily backups
– Automated plugin updates
– Automated malware monitoring
– Automatic Core WordPress Updates
– Automatic SSL
– And a whole lot more

What type of web hosting services does Nexcess offer? 

Nexcess offers the following hosting services.
– Managed WordPress Hosting
– Flexible Cloud Hosting
– Enterprise Hosting
– Managed Magento Hosting
– Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Can I upgrade my hosting plan on Nexcess?

Yes, the upgrade process is pretty simple and you can start from a basic plan and then upgrade in the future as your website traffic grows.

How easy is it to migrate a website from an existing host to Nexcess?

It’s extremely easy. In fact, Nexcess hosting offers website migrations for free. You just need to get in touch with their customer support team after purchasing their hosting plan. Their professional expert team will migrate all your website files for free.

Does Nexcess offer a CDN?

Yes, Nexcess offers a FREE CDN. They offer an in-built CDN with 22 locations. No matter where your customers are browsing your website from, they’ll experience ultra-fast loading times.

Does Nexcess provide staging sites?

Yes, Nexcess hosting provides you staging sites so you can experiment with any WordPress plugin to see how they work before installing them on your live websites.

Is there any free trial offered by Nexcess?

Yes, Nexcess offers a 14-day free trial which can you can grab from here. No credit card is required to grab Nexcess hosting’s free trial.

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Final Thoughts on Nexcess Hosting Review 

Nexcess offers a truly managed WordPress hosting experience that helps you easily build faster and secure websites.

Their web hosting plans are affordable as they start only at around $15 per month. You can also check out WPQiuckStart if you want to build and manage a membership site.

So what do you think about our detailed Nexcess hosting review? Do you have any more questions about their hosting? Let us know them in the comments. 

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