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SiteGround Review | When I put my SiteGround hosted website on Pingdom’s speed test tool, what I saw was unbelievable.

When you use SiteGround service for the first time, I’m sure you’re going to be in shock as well, just like me.

Therefore, if you’re searching for one name that makes your website blazing fast in the world of shared hosting (either web hosting or WordPress hosting), SiteGround is possibly at the top.

Honestly speaking, there are many companies in the market. In all, for the course of three and a half years, I have tried 3 hosting companies for my websites.

Among the three, the slowest one is the Namecheap. Second, with a reliable performance was A2 hosting. And the last one I’m currently using is SiteGround Shared hosting—its performance is top-notch.

In this post, I will state my honest review on SiteGround Shared hosting. If you believe me, you will get the best-shared hosting (web and WordPress) at a reasonable price. 

And by chance you don’t trust me, I’m going to make your time worth, while you change your mind.

Therefore, in this post, as a review, I will point out why SiteGround shared web and WordPress hosting is best in the market.

But first, let’s take a look at the company itself.

About SiteGround Hosting


For obvious, SiteGround is a web hosting company that was founded by Tenko Nikolov and its headquarter is at Sofia, Bulgaria. The company itself is 16 years old since it was founded in 2004.

While talking about the stuff that relates to you are—its data centers. They have a total of 5 data centers around the various countries including the United States, the Netherlands, the UK, and Singapore.

And the most important fact about SiteGround web hosting is, it is an independent company, unlike the majority of hosting firms owned by a single corporation, Endurance International Group. And surprisingly Bluehost is just one of them.

There is nothing more needed to know about SiteGround company.

But now, you get to know about, “Why SiteGround dominates in the Hosting world?” in the next section.

Why does SiteGround dominate in the Hosting World?

Sure, you might think you can choose the best web hosting (or WordPress hosting) by seeing a bunch of youtube videos.

But my friend, even if you watch youtube reviews, you’re only getting surface level detailing of SiteGround hosting.


So, do you want to know why SiteGround is my top recommended web hosting company? And that is what in this section we talk about.

Let’s get started.

1. Speed Metrics And Server Response Time

It’s fabulous speeding—your website’s lifeline.

All google demands from a high-quality content website, is to provide quick and fast service to their users which you can even estimate from Google’s Pagespeed Insights metric called Reduce server response times (TTFB).

So, how good is SiteGround shared web hosting in terms of speed? Just the Sonic. Speed-wise, they ranked A+ in Bitcatcha with an average response time of 667ms.


But how fast it is than other shared web hostings? 1.5x the A2 Shared web hosting and approx 2 times the performance than Bluehost. Yet, it cost only a fraction more of the price.

Here, you even get an integrated Cloudflare account right directly in an optimized cPanel. Plus, you always get a free Cloudflare CDN. 

Apart from this, SiteGround’s NGINX Direct Delivery resolves the high server loading content like images, CSS, JS and other files to deliver at blazing fast speed.

That’s why you even get a faster speed website.

In fact, I did a server response test on a dummy website of SiteGround. This is the result.


And, if you buy shared hosting from them, you ought to get the same result as what I get.

Therefore, if that’s what you’re looking for—a fast shared web (or WordPress) hosting then this is for you.

But the SiteGround review is not ended yet. I point out the other pointers why you should invest in SiteGround hosting.

2. Killing Uptime Performance

For common understanding, What is Uptime? Since, web pages need to pull out data from somewhere—the server.

And the amount of time a server actively processes the data-out on request, it is called its uptime (typically represented in percentage).

In short, Higher the uptime, the better the web hosting is.

So, want a consistent 99.99% uptime?—SiteGround hosting—a great investment.

But currently, in 2020, they also had 100% uptime (March and April). That’s truly a monstrous performance!!! 

This is not hypothetical, it’s true. See this table.

SiteGround Review Table A: Last 12 months Uptime and Response Time (Source)

S.No. Month/Year Uptime Response Time
1. May 2019 99.98% 624 ms
2. June 2019 99.99% 608 ms
3. July 2019 99.98% 571 ms
4. August 2019 99.99% 611 ms
5. September 2019 99.99% 653 ms
6. October 2019 100% 552 ms
7. November 2019 100% 629 ms
8. December 2019 100% 571 ms
9. January 2020 99.92% 642 ms
10. February 2020 99.99% 701 ms
11. March 2020 100% 643 ms
12. April 2020 100% 582 ms

The above table and graph states the true reliability of the SiteGround server on which any blogger or even developer can rely on.

But, have you wondered, how they achieve such a high performance (more than 99.99% of uptime)? Simply, by their four innovative technologies.

These are Linux Containers Technologies (LXC), Anti-Bot Artificial intelligence-based programming, specially programmed Server Monitoring system and the last is the Secure Account Isolation Technology.

3. Updates, Security Threats, and SSL

All your website needs to survive from hackers—a good hosting with constant security updates. 

With SiteGround, you get Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL/TLS Certificates for every website that you host on their server.

I know, for some websites, Let’s Encrypt SSL is not enough but when they are combined with other features of the SiteGround, then it will help you to manage nearly all online threats.

Therefore, there is nearly no chance of getting hacked while you’re sleeping unless you itself add some malicious software or plugins.

Even though their secure account isolation technology and Real-time server health checks not only freezes any threats but also doesn’t abrupt the working of other servers.

Hence, SiteGround is a very reliable web hosting.

In addition, it’s Smart WAF Firewall protects your web from any emerging threats and software vulnerabilities.

And if your website is going to serve brute-force attack then you definitely switch your web or WordPress hosting to SiteGround because their specially programmed AI anti-bot stops any brute-force attacks to reach your website. 

But there’s more.

The 24/7 system administration team is capable of neutralizing any threads to your website. And they are the best in their work. 

From here, we’ve discussed the major three-pointers on which every web hosting company falls behind the SiteGround.

But the review list of SiteGround is not completed yet.

4. Beginner Friendly

If you are just starting out a blog or an e-commerce website, SiteGround simple tutorials and a bunch of youtube videos can help you with that.

However, neither you need to be an expert nor to be a programmer to use the SiteGround hosting platform. It is very simple. 

The cPanel of SiteGround hosting comes with the 1-click installing feature. So, whether you want to install SSL or want to install a new WordPress website on it. It is just a few clicks away.

In addition, even if you come up with any problem, you can check out their resolving window pages from where you get specific results for your query.

Even if the problem isn’t solved. You can, anytime, outreach their award-winning technical staff.

And take my word, they are very informative and supportive. And for sure, your problem gets resolved.

5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you still in doubt, whether SiteGround is worth your money then give it a try with its 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Yes, you heard correctly.

SiteGround has a 30-day full money-back guarantee on every shared hosting plan whether it is shared web hosting or WordPress shared hosting—without any hidden charges.


Therefore, you should give it a try. And after buying the shared hosting from SiteGround, if you still have 1 % doubts about their services or didn’t meet your expectations.

Then, within 30 days, simply request money back. And in 7 days you’ll get a full refund directly in your bank account.

6. Daily Free Backup by SiteGround

Daily Free Backup is a must-have functionality of any hosting provider. And that you should be aiming for.

Suppose, if you add a wrong code in your theme or add any malicious plugin on your WordPress website that causes even crashes.

And you have a bad habit of not taking backups of your web. Then for sure, you may lose your work completely, if your hosting provider doesn’t take regular backups.

So, there is nearly no way to retrieve your website unless you hire some professional to do so, which again costs you more than the yearly price of SiteGround hosting.

I am sure you get my point, what I want you to understand. 

And please, don’t take me wrong here.

I am not saying you shouldn’t take a backup of your web and only rely on SiteGround backups. But, I am just saying that you should take multiple backups (both remote and server backup) whenever necessary.


SiteGround provides a backup to restore service up to 30 days on all web and WordPress shared hosting plans. 

Therefore, anyone can restore their website easily from SiteGround cPanel Backup Tool.

However, I hardly suggest, in any hosting (whether SiteGround or any other) you should always use remote backup tools to backup your website.

My personally recommended tool is the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin.

7. Integrated Apps, and eCommerce Features

In SiteGround, there are 100+ easy accessible apps that you can install on your web shared hosting and most of them are one-click apps.

Especially for eCommerce lovers, they have Free Shopping Cart Install, to manage your online order work. 

In addition, they have a dedicated app section for the WordPress users that includes WP Auto-update app, SiteGround SuperCacher, Staging, and SG-Git app.

The list does not end here, you can also install other CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Therefore, whether you’re planning to put your offline business online or just want to start a blog, they get you cover in all aspects of it. 

8. Support and Customer Service

Aside from all the above-listed pros, one of the major review points is —SiteGround hosting has an excellent support team.

Till now, I once needed their customer service for SSL validation, and after I report the problem on their chat window, they nearly instant reply to me and in the course of 7 minutes, they resolve my problem.

And all the experience was fabulous. This is what everyone excepted to get when you host your website on SiteGround servers.


To contact their customer support you can either raised a ticket—get a summary of the issue or chat—to get a quick response from the support team, or via phone—for whatever reason you want to hear from them.

However, their huge library of in-depth articles helps you to solve the majority of the problem. But still, it can’t resolve your problem, you always contact the SiteGround support team and don’t forget to give a review of your experience.

9. Free Site Migration by SiteGround

If you know how to migrate your website from one hosting to another then it is good. But if you don’t, you can hook-up a request for website transfer through SiteGround setup wizard.

I haven’t used SiteGround site Migration feature but as per user’s review, they are quick and seamless in site migration without too much downtime.

However, the free site migration feature only comes with GoBig and GoGeek plans while its StartUp plan doesn’t come with Free Site Migration. 

That’s a bit disappointing.

But check out this video, and you don’t even need a free site migration service, as you can migrate your website on your own.

Cons of Using SiteGround

So, we have discussed the major advantages of SiteGround Shared Hosting (Web and WordPress). Now let’s make some flaws out of it.

1. No Free domain

Nowadays, most web hosting company provides a free domain name for a year with their hosting plans.

But unfortunately, SiteGround charges you an additional of $15.95 per year which is again a very much higher price for buying a new domain name.

NameCheap costs you around $4-$6 for a new domain with a revival charge of 14 dollars, which is less than SiteGround. While Godaddy also has some initial year offer on a new domain name purchase.

Hence, SiteGround is best for hosting sites but I definitely not going to purchase a domain from them.

However, if you are sitting on a money tree then you definitely buy a domain name from them. But, I rather prefer you to go with NameCheap and Godaddy while buying domain names.

2. Higher Renewal Rates 

This is the same strategy that almost every hosting company is employing to increase their consumer’s circle. And honestly, it works.

SiteGround gives new users around a 70% discount on their hosting purchases. Once the initial buying period has passed, you have to offer 70% more money than the initial purchased price.

That’s why to save money, I invested in 36 month period. 

And this is what I suggest, at least buy hosting for 2 years at the time of first purchasing whether it is SiteGround or any other hosting company.

Pricing, Web and WordPress Hosting Plans

In SiteGround, there are basically three types of basic plans for web and WordPress hosting.

The first is the SiteGround StartUp plan that will cost you $3.95/month (with our discounted link).

However, you can only host one site here with traffic around 10k. In this plan, you can also get free SSL, Daily Backups, free CDN, and free email on a 10GB SSD server.

The second plan, GrowBig will cost you $5.95/month (with our discounted link). But here you can host unlimited websites with traffic up to 25 thousand.

In this plan, you also get some additional stuff — 20 GB Web Space, Dynamic Caching, On-demand Backup Copies, Free Professional Site Transfer, Staging, and Add Collaborators.

The GoGeek plan cost you $11.95/month (with our discounted link) with all of the features of GrowBig plan, plus — Git, White-label Clients, Highest Tier of Resources, and the Priority Support.

All three above-listed plans are the same for the WordPress shared hosting plans.

But have you wondered which hosting i.e. WordPress or web shared hosting is best for you? Let cite me this very important fact in the next topic.

SiteGround Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

A Shared Web hosting, is a webspace on a server which is manageable via a customizable cPanel (like SiteGround has) or by some codes (like the DigitalOcean). 

Here you can use webspace for any online work whether running a website (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.) or running an app base. 

Although WordPress shared hosting is specifically built and optimized for WordPress CMS where you are allowed to use just a few WordPress based applications and email services.

But, the most advantageous fact is that your neighbors also have WordPress websites. Therefore, more stability and uptime are seen in WordPress’s shared hosting. 

One more thing, WordPress Shared hosting is more friendly for newbies than web shared hosting.

Now question, “Both have the same pricing, which should I buy?”. Honestly, it’s your choice as both are good in their own ways.

If you have just going to run a blog and don’t want any additional headache then you should go for WordPress Shared Hosting

But if you think you can do build businesses on it or a large e-commerce website then Web Shared Hosting delivers you more options and flexibility.

So, choose accordingly your choice.

Final Verdict on SiteGround Review

Is SiteGround the right choice for you? Yes, definitely. As I’ve already made you clear in this review post, why I love SiteGround to host my websites.

SiteGround Shared Hosting is the fastest and consistent (nearly 100%) up to mark uptime.

In addition, its SuperCacher tools dominate the hosting industry with it 4x the speed of other similar shared hosting platforms. And when it coupled with NGIX server set up and PHP7, it makes your website blazing fast.

And, no one other in the industry can give you that much of features and specifications at such a price range.

Therefore, if you really want to speed up your website and also want to keep your website safe from hackers. Then, SiteGround hosting would be your first choice. 

And, one more thing I forgot to mention in the post is that SiteGround is one of the hosting providers that WordPress itself recommends.

With this, I’m going to end this post with a question for your guys, “What’s the best-shared hosting provider for you? Why?”.

Thank you for reading this post.

And I have another request for you guys. If you have any prior experience with SiteGround hosting, please consider leaving a review in the comment section.

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