Leave BlueHost Hosting And Save Your Precious Time. 5 Crucial Facts.

Yes, you are correct, whenever I encountered an issue with my site, I was replied one canned response. Which was”We Have Limited Expertise With WordPress.”

Could you believe that? More than 90% of bloggers use wordpress, and they do not have any support for wordpress.

A few months back, I lost a few posts. And it took me an hour so that they can do a backup and restore.

Yes, I know that there are back up plugins that can help you to track and perform backups with ease. But, I thought if someone is charging me more than $100, I should get a few essential services.

Let’s share another instance; sometimes, I was not able to upload an image. And that took me an hour to resolve via chat. Let’s see how their chat team works.

Leave Bluehost Hosting

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