Make Money With A Website In 2020. A Few Good To Know Things

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In 2020 we all know that blogging can make money but we have a misconception that we don’t know exactly what blogging is.


When you study as a child, you have to go through the education system. The average person spends 10 to 15 years in the education system.


And when your education is complete, you become employable.


You’re right, everything in life takes time and it applies to blogging. If you are over-motivated and blogging, it will never help you.


Our education system is regularized but blogging system is not like that.


There is a difference between traditional jobs and online jobs. In your working life you have to go through a schedule.


In order to receive the first salary of the month, you have to pay your organization at a fixed time all month.


You will be your own boss in online work. You can fix your work hours. At some point, you will also be able to decide your own income.


You may think that it is very easy to work online but I am sorry to tell you that the first reason why working online is not so easy is that there is no regularization system for online work.


Yes, it will be a problem to work, but you will have the solution to that problem at every moment.


There are no specific guidelines for working online.


So you have to decide which one you are.


You must have a website on 2020. You also have to also make sure to update the content regularly.


Who are you? Why would people come to your website? Why would people see what is written on your website? Why do people buy the listed product on your website?


In order to gain success in online business, you have to change your personality and show people what you are capable of.


A lot of motivational talks, this time let’s see how you can earn income online by creating a website.


Creating a website is not a big deal in 2020. But you also have to understand the business. Select a goal and implement it on your site.


The goal would be to retain more users, create more actionable content, promote, and create parallel content. But you have to do one thing at a time.


Here are some must-have resources for a functional website for 2020:


Decent WordPress Hosting
Mobile Optimized Theme
SEO Plugin
Infographic Tools Like Canva
A Dedicated Tool To Check Your Site’s Seo Parameters


You also have to take care of a few other things. Such as:


Do not use plagiarised content. It won’t help you at all.
Write daily.
Write to one user at a time and try to write in a conversational tone.
Use legit themes and plugins.


How can you make money in 2020 with a website?


There are many ways to monitor your website. Some of them are :


Inserting ad networks like adsense
Affiliate Marketing
Sell book courses
Membership Sites
Create a portfolio site and get freelancing opportunities


Final Words


I think now you have an idea about making money online with the help of a website in 2020. As I mentioned earlier, online business is not rocket science, but it’s not a cakewalk either. An online business needs creativity, and if you have that you will find multiple ways to be attached to it. I am writing this post after 12 hours of work. I am writing because it was on my schedule and in a month I will write a few posts for Ryan. You know why I am doing it?  It’s simple. Ryan has 10000 plus hours of experience in blogging and contributing at bloggingfromparadise gives me more experience and insights.


Guys be coachable, never stop learning. And soon you will find great results.


Are you with me? Then share this post on your social media handles. Want to know more interesting insights about blogging? Connect with Ryan and me on social media.

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