Online Proctoring Services – Making the Process of Conducting Online Examination Secure and Reliable

 Online proctoring is a solution which allows an invigilator to keep a close look at every student while conducting online examinations. Recent advancements in technology and the advent of the internet has led to the adoption of online examination systems for conducting exams. Students can write a particular exam from remote locations. Online proctoring services allow invigilators to monitor students’ behavior while they write an online exam. Necessary solutions like the use of web cameras for facial recognition and live video streaming and advanced monitoring software helps in making the online examination system reliable and secure. Dedicated companies are engaged in providing solutions and proctoring services that institutes can adopt to make their online learning and examination system more effective and secure.

Live proctoring and the use of advanced monitoring solutions can enable invigilators to analyze the student’s behavior while conducting online exams. An undesirable situation is immediately flagged which helps invigilators in bringing a particular case of cheating to light. Screen or testing conducting the platform of a student can be frozen which helps in maintaining the overall authenticity of online examinations. The use of professional behavior analysis solutions makes the job of conducting exams easy and hassle-free. Students are too benefited as they can write exams from remote locations thereby saving effort, time, and cost associated with giving physical exams.

There are various aspects connected with the online proctoring system. Some of these are listed below:

• Allowing students to obtain education from remote locations:

Online proctoring helps in ensuring the complete authenticity of the online examination system. This helps institutes like colleges and schools to use an online learning management system for imparting education with reliability. Information can be provided along with tests that can be conducted which make it efficient and even affordable for students to obtain online education living in any part of the world. Regardless of one’s location, students can obtain knowledge and give exams.

• Reduction in need for creating a dedicated schedule for conducting exams:

Examinations required fixing a schedule that every student and teacher had to adhere to. Online examinations combined with remote proctoring allow students and invigilators to create a flexible schedule for conducting examinations. Students can write an online exam depending upon their availability and flexible schedule. On the other hand, invigilators can analyze students’ behavior at a later date using recorded videos which act as a future reference for the analysis. The need for scheduling is eradicated and the process of conducting online exams becomes easy, hassle-free, and convenient for both educational institutes and students.

Suitable for every type of examination which can be conducted online:

Online proctoring can prove suitable for every type of online examination conducted by educational institutes, training institutes, and even corporate bodies. Competitive exams like SATs, Tests, and exams conducted within schools and colleges, appraisal exam conducted within a corporate institution and Other types of online examination system which can be conducted online can be easily integrated for utilization for the online proctoring system. In short, any type of examination system which can be digitized or can be converted into an MCQ type of test can make use online proctoring solution.

There are various types of solutions and services which are categorized within online proctoring. Dedicated companies are engaged in providing necessary online proctoring services. Some of these are listed below:

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