OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2020

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OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2020: 35% off on all plans

OptinMonster Coupon: TBA

Start Date: 29th November 2020

End Date: 2nd December 2020

Are you starting a new business? You must need a lot of leads for pushing the sales, right? That could be worrying. Not anymore, though!

We are all set to discuss various OptinMonster Black Friday 2020 deals. And, this year, they’re planning on giving away a lot more than mere discount coupons!

OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2020: Flat 35% Discount! 3

35% Discount on this Black Friday.

Coupon – BF2019

We’ve dedicated this article to share the details on the OptinMonster Black Friday Sale for 2020. We’ll cover everything from activating the coupon code to the freebies they’re giving away.

However, let us share a brief review of OptinMonster before moving on to the fun part! After all, it makes complete sense to invest your money in a good deal, right.

OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2020 Review

OptinMonster is one of the best conversion optimization tools available in the industry. What initiated as a self-serving email capturing platform has now grown even to help the Fortune 500 companies. And, these are the primary features that helped them achieve this feat: –

#1 OptinMonster Offers A Simple And Straight Forward UI

OptinMonster offers a straightforward yet engaging UI. Each of their instructions, CTAs, and other relevant buttons show a clear and easy-to-understand message. This enables the users to navigate through the website with ease.

In fact, you can start using OptinMonster to fetch hundreds of thousand leads by only using a three-step process.


The first step for you is to create an offer that attracts your visitors. Doing this is relatively simple with OptinMonster. All you need to do is choose from their multiple pre-set templates or customize a new one as per your preferences. 


OptinMonster has integrated Behavior Analytics that allows you to customize your offers based on your visitors’ on-page behavior.

And this is precisely what you need to do in Step-2. You can choose to customize the offer to display three primary behavior patterns: time spent on a page, number of pages visited, and exit detection!


The 3rd Step concerns itself with detailed monitoring. The tool enables you to analyze your lead generation strategy, locate the flaws in it, and optimize it for better performances!

#2 OptinMonster Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder To Your Rescue


One of the biggest problems with lead capturing tools is their complexity. Nevertheless, OptinMonster does not believe in making things any more complicated for marketers than they already are. 

That’s why they’ve introduced the Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder. This feature allows you to create responsive campaigns apt for even Smartphones or Tablets. 

It also allows you to develop compelling lead forms with their pre-built templates or with custom images, without any coding. Moreover, you can choose to keep your lead generation campaign simple or multi-layered with their ‘Yes/No Forms.’

#3 OptinMonster Custom Campaign Types


The company is known to provide seven discrete campaign options to build. This includes the Lightbox Popup, which is by far the most popular of them all. It triggers a popup form after detecting a particular behavior pattern of the visitors.

Opting the Floating Bar campaign lets you show a significant offer message at your website’s top or bottom. You may even choose to integrate a static or dynamic countdown timer to grant the bar a sense of urgency!

The Full-Screen Campaign lets you show a full-screen overlay with custom call to action on your website. This even benefits the SEO of your website, enhancing organic search.

You can even choose from Side-In Scroll Box, Countdown Timer, Inline Forms, Coupon Wheel Optins, Sidebar Forms, or Content Locker as well. You can fetch more and detailed information on each of these campaign types from here.

What is the OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2020?


OptinMonster generally offers four discrete plans to its customers. Have a detailed look at the price and inclusions of the plans: –

#1 Basic: This one is usually charged at $14 / mon or $168 / year. The company levies annual charge upfront for all of its plans. Anyway, this one comes with sufficient features to help the newbies grow their businesses.

It allows you to create multiple campaigns without any restrictions. You may choose from OptinMonster’s plate of nine campaign types and basic integrations like MailChimp, MailerLite, TotalSend, Active Campaign, etc. 

You even get access to OptinMonster University. This is the platform from where you can learn to use this tool under expert supervision.

#2 Plus: This one offers everything you get in the Basic Plan with added advantages. The add-ons include Integrated AB Testing, Attention Activation, Full Reporting, Device Targeting, and many more. It even facilitates up to 15,000-page views. This is usually charged at $360 annually or $30 a month.

#3 Pro: It includes all features of the Plus Plan. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy Exit Intent® Technology, UTM Targeting, Pro Integrations (like HubSpot, Marketo, etc.). It even gets you access to OptinMonster’s priority support along with branding removal options and 50,000-page views. 

This plan is charged at $564 annually, which is equivalent to $47 a month. This is by far the most popular plan for OptinMonster!

#4 Growth: This is the best OptinMonster has to offer. It includes al the perks of the Pro Plan and a lot more in addition to that. You can use this plan to set up campaigns across five different sites with up to 250,000-page views. 

It also offers Behavior Automation, Activity Logging, and Advanced Reporting to better monitor and customize campaigns. This is priced at $960 per year. The price is equivalent to paying $80 a month.

You can get further details on all plans here.

What Does the OptinMonster Black Friday 2020 Deal Have To Offer?

OptinMonster comes up with Black Friday deals every year. The deal begins on 11th November and lasts till 30th November each year. The last day of the sale is recognized as the Cyber Monday Sale.

OptinMonster Black Friday for 2020 has been announced with many promises. They’ve announced to give a flat discount of worth 35% on all of their plans.

They’re also giving away the subscription to one of your preferred digital marketing tools for free this year. And that’s not all! They’ll host a lottery to feature one of the buyers who’ll be gifted a 13-inch MacBook Pro worth $2,000!

Plan Regular Price OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2020
Basic $14.00/month $5.85/month
Plus $30.00/month $12.35/month
Pro $47.00/month $18.85/month
Growth $80.00/month $31.85/month

How To Activate the OptinMonster Black Friday 2020 Deal?

This is fairly simple. All you have to do is follow the steps as mentioned below:

#1 Click on the link that says ‘GET THIS DEAL’ on the plan of your choice.

#2 Enter your personal and payment details as required on the form.

#3 Click on the button stating ‘Get Started Now with OptinMonster.’

OptinMonster Back Friday Deal 2020 FAQs

Is the OptinMonster Black Friday 2020 Deal Really Worth Considering?

You must not even have a single doubt about the 2020 OptinMonster Black Friday Offer. Apart from the fact that you get a discount of up to 50% on their plans, there’s a lot more to consider: –

#1 It Offers To Gift You Annual Subscription For Another App

The company’s willing to reward you for your choice by granting a 100% paid subscription to either of the five digital marketing tools from trustpulse, Constant Contact, rafflepress, Jilt, and Neve.

#2 They’re Giving away a MacBook Pro

Yes, that’s right! They’re offering to give one lucky buyer a MacBook Pro worth $2,000.

#3 They Offer The Best Campaign Customizations

They grant you access to nine discrete campaign types and the options to customize your offer page and CTA fully. You can do it all by only using the Drag ‘n’ Drop options they have!

OptinMonster Back Friday Deal 2020 Conclusion

To be honest, we’re pretty much mesmerized by the OptinMonster Black Friday Deal for 2020! You get to access all of their plans at nearly 50% discounted rates. Moreover, they’ve collaborated with five other excellent digital marketing tools to offer a 100% discount.

And you can choose any one of them at your discretion. All of that with an additional chance to get a brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro! What else can you possibly want? This is just the best we’ve come across so far!

Best Black Friday Deals in 2020

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