Pro Blogging Tip: 2 Concepts for Becoming Successful

Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus.


I grabbed lunch with my wife a few moments ago.


Settling in to my blogging day, around 1 PM, I do what I have done for the past 5 years every day. I write a blog posts and guest posts. I publish blog posts and guest posts. That is it. Really. Don’t get it twisted; I have published a high volume of helpful blog posts, guest posts and videos. That’s persistence; blogging for 6-10 hours daily. But it is nothing more than simple, generous service, persistence and a complete commitment to blogging to become a professional blogger.


Blogging *seemed* complex to me 10 years ago. Green newbie. But like appearances, this *seeming complex* was not:



What seemed complex was in truth just highly uncomfortable. I had lots to learn. I had lots to practice. I had many fears to face. Ego-fear tries to create an out, an excuse, by making fears seem complex, difficult or impossible. But like everything cooked up by ego, this complex-difficult-impossible coloring of blogging is a crock of shit. Rocket science is complex. Spinning 3 plates is difficult. Bench pressing 2000 pounds is impossible.


Sitting down to write and publish a blog post may FEEL uncomfortable, but it simple. Simple service is the starting point of all pro blogging careers.


1: Simple Service


I am a pro blogger. I help you become a pro blogger. How? I write and publish simple:


  • blog posts
  • eBooks
  • courses


to help you succeed. But simple does not mean easy because newbie bloggers need to develop skills, clarity and confidence. Becoming skilled, clear and confident feels scary sometimes because you need to practice for hundreds of hours to embody these qualities. The more you practice, the easier blogging becomes. Eventually, writing and publishing a beneficial blog post geared toward solving reader problems becomes easy. Doing simple things becomes easy if you practice doing simple things for a long time.


Becoming a pro blogger involves simply serving people through basic, fundamental, practical tips aligned with your niche. Any one can do this service bit. Any one can practice blogging to the point of being skilled at delivering simple, practical tips through posts, guest posts, eBooks and courses. Build a vision of your dream life. Allow this vision to guide you through ups, downs and everything in between to persistently practice blogging……which brings us to…..


2: Persistence


Persistence. Pro bloggers engage in simple service for 6-10 hours on most days. But pros put in 6-10 hours of simple, daily service for 4, 5 or 10 years, or longer. No one knows when you will go pro but every pro blogger knows you WILL go pro if you generously help people, trust the process and persist daily for years. Being persistent becomes easier if you persist because being persistent is a skill.


I built up this skill-habit of being persistent by observing bloggers like my friend Alonzo Pichardo.  Listen to the first podcast episode on his then new channel:



Most bloggers need months or years to build up a huge, loyal following after opening an account on a site like Sound Cloud. Alonzo’s first episode after opening the account a few days prior registered 52,000 listens. Why? He persistently built up a huge, deeply loyal following of human beings over a decade online by generously, simply serving people. Whenever he publishes content or sets up a new profile on any site, that massive, loyal following consumes his content, grows his business and promotes him far and wide.


Persistently, patiently and simply serving people for thousands of hours feels uncomfortable, scary and overwhelming during your early days online. Get through these periods by revisiting your dream vision. Peep the featured image for this post. Kelli snapped it while we spent time on the Mediterranean Sea in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. Are you serious? I had no clue the place existed, a decade prior to our stay. But dreaming big dreams, engaging in simple service, following my passion and persisting through my fears, doubts and other mental traitors allowed me to live my dreams.


You will live your dreams through blogging by keep it simple. Be persistent. Help people. Don’t panic. Relax. I can sense your success growing. I believe in you. Know that success will be yours, and it will be so.




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