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Anyone in search of a new WordPress hosting to get started with WordPress, should look for Bluehost coupon code. Bluehost is the Number 1 officially recommended hosts for WordPress and can spare you a few dollars.

You can be prevented from spending all that you’ve saved toward web hosting if you sign up for the right Bluehost deal.

Thanks to web hosting affiliate marketing, everyone is offering his or her visitors links to the Bluehost promo code. Once you sign up for Bluehost deals through a real and honest website, you’re going to be greeted by a variety of Bluehost discount that may all be equally attractive.

For instance, you can find links from several websites that lead you to the Bluehost coupon code for as low as just $2.95 per month. This will be besides free domain with any domain name of your choice.

Besides, coming with that offer of Free domain as well as Free SSL is the low-cost discount that Bluehost offers.

Bluehost Coupon Code 2021

If you’re tired of paying huge sums of money on your existing hosting, or you just want to start a new site on an affordable web host, then this Bluehost coupon code is for you. Check it out and enjoy high quality hosting at a discounted price.


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Bluehost Coupon Code 2021

What will be ideal for those that are just getting started with WordPress and those looking to start a blog with Bluehost and don’t yet have a clear idea about their hosting requirement is the Bluehost starter plan? It’s part of the Bluehost deals that folks are signing up for.

In all case, Bluehost coupon is recommended for beginners with WordPress because their services are usually the best for them. Consider the following reasons why it’s crucial for beginners to consider Bluehost first:

  • They’ve got the cheapest and quality web host for WordPress
  • There’s a free SSD on every shared and cloud hosting
  • There’s a free installation of SSL on all WordPress
  • Free domain registration that’ll be shared on all hosting plans

You will only find features like these in a high-end WordPress service like Bluehost’s.

You’ll, with time, get a good grasp of your WordPress requirements as you continue to grow. You may then decide to upgrade your website to some other advanced options that are suitable for your need on the platform.

Bluehost Deals & Promo Code 2021 | Basic Features

bluehost coupon code 2021

With the way things are going and how affiliates and users are developing active interest and clicking on the Bluehost Coupon Code, it’ll be good to let you into the world of features of this web host.

However, it’s expected that the features will continue to increase in response to the interest and desire of the users. So, it’ll be difficult to discuss them exhaustively.

Nevertheless, the four main features are:

1. WordPress and Google Apps High Compatibility

Since Bluehost is, at the moment, the Number 1 web host recommended by WordPress, every single account on Bluehost has I-click WordPress installation.

Besides, most of the web hosts include some kinds of email solutions in their hosting package. However, it would be best if your email is kept separately from your hosting.

On this, Google Apps for Work has several features that cater to this. That’s another excellent feature of Bluehost. It makes for easy integration with Google Apps. You can be sure to create something like [email protected] without any hitch.

2. 24/7 Technical Support

There are retinues of well-trained in-house experts in Bluehost who are to provide 24/7 help for users. They’ve stuffed their help center with guides, videos, tutorials and helpful answers to FAQs. So they have built what can be regarded as a library of educational resources where you can find help to overcome your challenges with web hosting or any other one.

In case you’re unable to get over or work around an issue on your own, you can contact a customer care agent via phone 24/7 or pick any of them up in a chat for some personalized help.

3. Money-back Guarantee

Brimming with confidence that everyone that signs up with them will be satisfied with services, they give a binding guarantee of money back in 30 days. That means if you have a convincing ground to be dissatisfied with their hosting service, you can cancel within 30 days get a full refund. This bold proclamation is premised on what is built into their service.

4. $150 in offers for ads on Google, Bing and other leading sites

From the partnership of Bluehost with Google, there are free offers for Google and Bing Advertising. This is to tune of $150 for those just getting started with their website and needing help to advertise it online.

While they can make use of this free offer, it usually involves spending up to the same amount of money. This gives Bluehost the boasting right as a host offering to help grow customers business.

Getting Started With Bluehost Coupon

Apart from the Bluehost Coupon Code, there’s also a link for Bluehost discount. This is a significant factor differentiating Bluehost from most of the other companies hosting WordPress.

To get started, there are a few necessary steps to follow.

Step 1

>>> Click on this link to the Bluehost discount code and the page the lowest price will immediately appear. It’s clear on the page that the starting price has been discounted from $7.99/month to $2.95/month.

Also on the page are listed offers which include;

  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support

Step 2

The next thing is to sign up. You’ll see the “get started now” button to start the process:

bluehost pricing

You’ll be required to select your plan. Bluehost Deal 2021 currently offers three plans. They are the Basic plan, the Plus plan, and the Choice Plus plan.

The Basic Plan: As the cheapest one, it costs $2.95 per month with the opportunity of just 1 website with website space of 50GB. The bandwidth of the plan, like that of the two bigger plans, is unmetered. And its performance also is standard like that of the two other plans. So too is the offer for the included domain. It’s just one.

The Plus Plan: This plan costs $5.45 per month as opposed to the formal $10.99. Its website, website space, and bandwidth are unmetered. The performance and included domains are the same for the three.

The Choice Plus: The cost of this plan has been slashed drastically from $14.99 per month to $5.45, making it the same as the plus plan. All other components of the offer are the same as those with the plus plan.

bluehost pricing plans

For the sake of summary and clarity, it’ll be nice to present the plans in a table.

Bluehost Discount Plans & Pricing

Previous Cost $7.99 per month $10.99 per month $14.99 per month
Discounted Cost $2.95 per month $5.45 per month $5.45 per month
Website 1 unlimited unlimited
Website Space 50GB unmetered unmetered
Bandwidth unmetered unmetered unmetered
Performance Standard Standard Standard
Included Domains 1 1 1
Select Plan Grab Deal Now Grab Deal Now Grab Deal Now

Of course, these are just only Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans. There are also WordPress Hosting Plans in Bluehost Deal. These are discussed later.

Step 3

Next, select your domain or enter a new domain if you don’t have one already:

bluehost domain name

Now, the next thing is to create your new Bluehost account. First, fill in your details including your name and contact information:

bluehost hosting form

After that, you will also need to verify your chosen hosting package. Next to “Savings,” you’ll notice our Bluehost coupon has been automatically applied.

bluehost basic pricing plan

Finally, fill in your payment details at the bottom of the screen, and you’re good to go.

bluehost payment information

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans

Most WordPress users crave speed and security in their choice of host. Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans are a combination of these. They are built for that. What you’ll get in the latest Bluehost Coupon Code 2021 is the state-of-the-art product optimized WordPress hosting.

These are as follows:

Basic Plan: As the name suggests, this is their most basic hosting plan. This plan comes at $2.95 per month (normally $7.99/month). It allows you to host one website and you’ll also get free SSL certificate, 50 GB SSD storage, free domain for 1 year, and other exciting benefits.

Click this link to start your first WordPress blog on Bluehost for $2.95/month now.

Plus Plan: The plus plan will cost you $5.45 per month (normally $10.99/month), and comes with unlimited websites, unmetered SSD storage, free SSL certificate, free domain for 1 year, unlimited subdomains, etc.

Choice Plus Plan: This plan also costs $5.45 per month (normally $14.99/month). With the Choice Plus plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited website installations, free SSL certificate, free domain for 1 year, unmetered SSD storage, and every other benefit that comes with the Plus Plan.

Furthermore, all the WordPress hosting plans also come with:

  • Automatic WordPress Installation
  • Microsoft Office 365 available
  • Secure Configuration of Login Credentials
  • WordPress Staging Environment
  • Automatic WordPress Updates

Bluehost Managed Hosting Plans

Build Plan: The Build Plan starts at $19.95 per month (normally $29.99/month). The plan comes with a marketing center, 100 free premium themes, daily scheduled backups, basic jetpack site analytics, and all the basics for setting up a professional WordPress website.

Grow Plan: Normally costs $39.99 per month, you can get this plan at $29.95 per month during this discount period, and you’ll enjoy Bluehost SEO tools, jetpack premium, business review tools, Jetpack Ads integration, and everything needed to create an audience for your WordPress site.

Scale Plan: The Scale Plan formally costs $59.99 per month, but you can get it today at $49.95 per month. It comes with Jetpack pro, unlimited backups and restore, PayPal integration, unlimited video compression, and advanced features for operating an eCommerce WordPress site.

That’s not all, all the plans also feature:

  • Staging Environment
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Web Storage
  • No Traffic Limits
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Domains

Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting Plans

Starter Plan: The starter plan starts at $6.95 per month (formally $13.99/month). This plan features 1 Online Store, Storefront Theme Installed, 100 GB SSD Storage, Free SSL, $50 Marketing Credit, Domain Privacy, etc.

Plus Plan: Normally $17.99 per month, you can get this plan for $8.95 per month today and enjoy Unlimited Online Stores, Storefront Theme Installed, Unmetered SSD Storage, Domain Privacy, $100 Marketing Credit, Free SSL certificate, etc.

Pro Plan: You can get the Pro Plan for $12.95 per month today instead of the regular $31.99. With this plan, you’ll get Unmetered SSD Storage, Unlimited Online Stores, Free SSL certificate, Domain Privacy, $200 Marketing Credit, Storefront Theme Installed, etc.

Additionally, all the plans here also comes with:

  • Dedicated IP Address
  • PPC Credits
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 1 Free Domain
  • WooCommerce Auto-Install

FAQs about Bluehost Coupon Code

1. What is the difference between Bluehost and other companies providing website hosting services?

Bluehost has been a great website hosting providers since 2005 and has maintained the position due to the tradition of trustworthiness. Bluehost is hosting more than 2 million sites on their platforms.

With their determination to maintain their commitment to providing the best website hosting services with management tools, they’re one among equals.

It’s this consistent innovation at all level plus the excellence in infrastructure, security, customer support, and the suite of web tools that distinguish Bluehost from their competitors.

2. Does Bluehost give domain names in addition to web hosting?

If it’s a shared web hosting services, the customer receives a free domain name upon the creation of a new account. They can choose a domain name with any of .com, .org, .net, .edu, or .gov as part of creating their website with Bluehost.

3. Will my web hosting account include an email address?

Yes, it will irrespective of the platform you choose with Bluehost. You can create an email address that is directly based on your domain name, that is, [email protected]

4. Is it possible to transfer my previous domain name to Bluehost?

Yes, Bluehost already knew that many of the web hosting company would let down their client and they’ll want to opt out. They have made it easy to transfer your existing domain to Bluehost within your dashboard.

You’ll navigate to the domain management section of your dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to start the process of transferring your domain records.

5. How can I migrate to Bluehost?

It’s easy and fast. Bluehost has built-in structures to assist in the migrating of your site in such a way that no file will be lost. They’ll all be moved transferred correctly and securely.

Though it can consume time and can be complicated, it’s comparatively faster and more comfortable on the platform of the Bluehost. They have a team of experts that will assist in expediting the process seamlessly.

6. What is the Bluehost Coupon Code for maximum discount?

It will depend on the affiliate site you’re landing from. In any case, coming through a coupon code guarantees a better Bluehost discount. Some Bluehost promo code includes a free domain name.

This is the maximum discount and the cheapest of Bluehost deals for hosting. Most of the links you find in the various sites have just a little difference here and there.

There is no actual Bluehost coupon code for real as advertised by some websites. But there are direct links, that if followed, you will get discounted prices.

7. How often does Bluehost offer deals and discounts?

Well, Bluehost coupon works all year round. But Bluehost deal in 2021 may not be found everywhere at all time. During holidays like Xmas and Easter, and occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Bluehost deal is available almost everywhere with a few variations.

Definitely, there are more than enough reasons to consider the Bluehost coupon if you’re thinking about where and how to host your website.

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Bluehost Deals & Discount 2021 | Conclusion

There you have it all. With the Bluehost coupon code and discounts, you will get the lowest possible rate for a period of 36 months (it will be $2.95/month only).

If you decide to continue using Bluehost after the 36 months period, the Basic hosting package will cost you $7.99 per month, and the Plus package becomes $10.99, and Prime package becomes $14.99, and the Go Pro package is $23.99 (which is basically their respective regular cost).

So when you are buying a hosting package from Bluehost, buy a package for 36 months to save maximum money. When you will renew, you have to pay the regular price where no discount coupon will be available.

Furthermore, you must have it in mind that a domain name typically has to be renewed every year which should be about $11.99 with Bluehost. Now, you don’t have to wait any longer to leverage these cheap prices. You should take advantage of this deal right now by using this coupon link while going to the Bluehost website today.

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