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Every struggle I suffered blogging-wise began with self-doubt. Every success I enjoyed blogging-wise unfolded by defeating self-doubt.

Self-doubt is the ultimate blogging enemy because all failure begins with doubting yourself and your blogging abilities. All failure ends by releasing self-doubt. All success begins by getting clear and confident on your blogging journey.

Believing in self does not happen logically, but emotionally. I spend 3-4 hours daily:

  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga
  • power walking

because managing my energy expands my awareness. Expanding my awareness allows me to see when I doubt myself and how self-doubt hurts my blogging campaign. Even being at this blogging bit for a decade, I still doubt myself. I worry. I fret. I do not want to step on toes. But nudging into fear fueling self-doubt is the way I gradually overcome the state of mind to help both you and me. Not comfortable. Not always easy. But this has been the way for me to believe more deeply in myself.

Believing more deeply in myself made me generous, prolific and connected because I created and connected for a minute, based on knowing success was mine. Guess what? Success is yours too. You deserve it. But the only way to achieve success online is to face, feel and release self-doubt in order to create and connect generously. From there, blogging success becomes a simple matter of time. Success can and will find you but only if you believe in self and proceed from this trusting, clear, knowing energy.

Why do you doubt yourself? I bet you someone programmed self-doubt into your mind. Little kids believe deeply in self and in their abilities until weak-minded adults condition little kids with damaging beliefs like self-doubt, through both their example and counsel. Your job is to unlearn self-doubt to believe deeply in yourself and in your ability to become a professional blogger.

Tips for Conquering Self-Doubt

  • work on your mindset daily to be aware of self-doubt so you can clear these wicked energies
  • network with bold, clear, confident bloggers to learn from their example
  • invest money in resources to conquer fear
  • nudge into the direction of fear to unearth self-doubt

The benefits of conquering self-doubt far outweigh a few moments of wading through these annoying, agitating energies. Imagine being generous, prolific, confident and bold in all you do. Picture being 100% immune to bad reviews. Imagine not being bothered by negative comments on your blog. Even better? All people who criticize you become not enemies but scared, suffering people with virtually no confidence. Being confident and believing in yourself reveals critics to be non-confident people who do not believe in themselves.

How can a scared, shell of a human being hurt you, damage your reputation or hurt your blogging business? Only blogging losers – energetic, not pejorative – follow advice-reviews of loser critics; you do not want these people anywhere near your blog, business or brand, anyway.

Conquer this foe by being comfortable with being uncomfortable. I remember sitting with self-doubt the first few times someone published a 1 star review of my eBooks. I wanted to fight those jerks. But after the feeling of combativeness passed, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I then felt like a fraud, a fake. Sitting with these emotions felt horrible but clearing ’em felt really good.

I became calm, confident and experienced greater success by being hellbent on conquering self-doubt. Success will follow you if you face your blogging self-doubts head on and defeat those suckers patiently, persistently and consistently.

Believe in yourself and your blog by facing the non-believing part of yourself.

The upsides for engaging in this practice are limitless.

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