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Nizwa, Oman.


Blogging as a business sure sounds attractive.


Make money online. Free yourself. Circle the globe. Or just blog from home. I get it; I live a neat life through blogging. Anybody can live and blog from Fiji, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Bali like I have but knowing what blogging as a business entails is the key step most bloggers miss on this journey.


I encourage anybody interested in blogging to research this gig. How much time and energy does business blogging require to go full time? What responsibilities do you need to fulfill to make money blogging? Ask these questions. Prepare for processing answers in honest fashion. Dig deeper. Do your due diligence. Arm yourself with facts. Make an informed decision.


What Is Blogging As a Business?


Imagine being an entrepreneur who blogs. Blogging with business in mind involves creating helpful content, building bonds and monetizing through multiple streams of income. Hug these simple concepts. Business blogging is never complex but sometimes feels scary or even terrifying because success sits on the other side of fear. Own this truth. Know you need to leave your comfort zone routinely if you intend to make money blogging. Be at peace with this truth. Fall more in love with freedom than you fear facing your fears.


Time and Work Commitment


Blogging for profits ($1 and up) requires 1,000 plus hours to:


  • learn blogging from established pros
  • practice writing
  • create content
  • build connections
  • open multiple streams of income


Play around with the 1,000 plus hours number. Nobody knows the specific hour number until you begin making $4, then $10, then $50, but rest assured, you need to spend hundreds to thousands of hours generously helping people to gain skills and exposure enough in order to boost your credibility to money-making levels. Earning a full time income requires thousands and thousands of hours of generous work. Imagine working 40 hours weekly at your full time job. Blogging for business requires you set aside 2-4 hours every evening – after working your full time job – to learn blogging from pros, to create content and to build bonds with bloggers in your niche, while slowly adding multiple streams of income to your blog.


Make freedom your prime goal-intent. Guaranteed, you will work 2-4 hours each evening if you crave freedom more than comfort. Eventually, those 2-4 hour days add up to 100 hours. Skills expand, as does your network. Eventually, those 2-4 hour days add up to 1,000 hours over years of your life. Slowly and steadily, traffic and profits will increase.


The Biggest Challenges


3 big challenges to blogging for business exist:


  • developing an intimate relationship with fear
  • desiring freedom more than fearing fear
  • learning fundamentally sound, proven strategies that yield success


As for #1, consider meditating, doing Kriya yoga and exercising daily. Expand your awareness to be aware of your deep fears, to feel your deep fears and to release your deep fears. Desiring freedom more than fearing fear occurs naturally with facing, feeling and releasing fear. Clear fear energies; love, freedom, fun, abundance and generosity remain. As for learning how to blog effectively, buy my blogging course.  I teach simple, powerful strategies to succeed with blogging through the course. Listen, learn and put your newfound knowledge into blogging practice.


What Do You Do as Far as Blogging Work?


Create helpful, problem solving content through blog posts, guest posts and/or videos. Bond with bloggers in your niche by commenting on their blogs and by promoting them on your blog and through social media. Open multiple streams of income. Spend 2-4 hours daily – or more – doing these things from a generous, genuine energy to gain skills, to earn credibility, to increase your exposure and to succeed. Content and connections build business because content inspires trust and connections amplify your reach. People find you, trust you, and buy your stuff or hire you. But spending thousands of hours honing your skills through blogging work feels highly uncomfortable sometimes. Most bloggers avert uncomfortable fears, fail and quit. A few bloggers hug the discomfort, face fears and proceed. You choose. Everything is your choice.


The business part of making money gets easier when you generously create and connect for thousands of hours because being trusted and everywhere makes it easier to register profits. I believe you can and will succeed. Anybody can do this but few succeed because most bloggers possess a terrible relationship with fear and do little personal development. Make mental science an important part of your day. Meditate. Pray. Do Kriya yoga. Exercise. Surround yourself with pro bloggers. We will keep telling you to keep it simple, to keep it basic, no matter how scary the journey becomes, because simple leads to success.




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