Social Media Marketing Challenges. 5 Easy Fixes!

If you ever visit a big grocery shop and ask how many different soaps they have on the racks, you would hear a figure that is more than you might have imagined.

But, how many of those brands do actually land up in shoppers’ carts? The chances are high that the top five soaps make up about 90% of all soap sales.

Social Media Marketing Challanges

The same concept applies to social media marketing. A survey conducted by Smart Insights found that, out of all businesses promoting their brands on social media, only 52% of businesses believe that social media marketing boosted their sales and revenue.

Hence, despite creating a powerful campaign, you might have to return with an empty hand.

The best way to create a brand that is impressive, recognizable, and relatable is by understanding the audience’s psyche.

The audience likes to come back to brand pages that have a unique style of their own, with which they can relate to.

Keep your brand’s style, font, color, voice, tone, video, audio, or picture theme and logo the same across all the marketing stuff you share.

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