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Rocket.net Review

by Sumit Sao

1-Click Restore from Backup


Rocket.net is a good Managed WordPress hosting provider that serves you high speed and security with great performance for your WordPress site. They provide daily automatic backup with every plan as well as a staging feature for those who want to preview changes before they go live on their site. Rocket.net has a wide range of packages that are priced from $30 to $200 per month guarantee. They also offer 30-day money-back to their customers if they don’t find the service up to the mark

Due to recent Google Core Web Vitals updates, our website must load superfast otherwise it may hurt the ranking.

Previously, I was using WPX hosting. it’s good hosting but still my URLs was showing “poor” in Google Search Console’s Core Web Vitals section. 😔

So, I decided to find a web hosting that can provide super fast site speed and help me to pass the Core Web Vitals.

But With so many hosting companies out there, it was difficult for me to find one that can provide lightning fast website speed.

After trying many different hosting services, I honestly believe that Rocket.net is the best hosting company.

Why am I saying this?

Because I recently migrated my site from WPX hosting to Rocket.net hosting, and I am completely pleased with the results.  😍

My site now loads faster than ever before and was able to take better advantage of all the powerful features of Rocket.net Hosting.

In this Rocket.net hosting review 2021, I’ll share all my honest experiences with you.

So, Without any further delay. Let’s get started.

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About Rocket.net Hosting

Rocket.net is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to power a WordPress website. 

It’s the only Managed WordPress hosting that provides you Cloudflare Enterprise level access in all plans. It means a high level of security and lightning-fast site speed.

Apart from this, it offers free SSL, FREE CDN, free website migration, daily automatic backup, superfast site speed and a high level of security.

So, if you want to take your WordPress site’s performance from great to phenomenal, you should try Rocket.net hosting.

Because it is the only all-in-one WP platform that comes with built-in CDN and WAF, so you can get a super fast and secure WordPress website without any extra effort on your part.

Pros and Cons of Rocket.net

Here are some pros and cons of Rocket Hosting:

Pros of Rocket.net Hosting:

  • Super fast website speed
  • high level of security
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CDN
  • Daily Automatic backup
  • Staging site feature 
  • Free Website Migration without downtime
  • lighting fast support. (replies within 15-20 seconds)

Cons of Rocket.net hosting

  • Not affordable for everyone because Rocket.net plan starts from $30/mo
  • It doesn’t offer email hosting. It’s not a big issue. you can use Google Workspace for it which will cost you only $3-4 per month.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

As I already told you that the Rocket.net provides Managed WordPress hosting. So, you may be wondering that what is managed WordPress hosting and how it differs from shared hosting. Right?

Don’t worry, Let me explain it to you.

Managed WordPress hosting is a service where the hosting company will care for your WordPress site. You don’t have to worry about the technical side of things like backups, uptime, security, website speed, updates etc.

The one thing which I like about Managed WordPress hosting is that it includes premium support from real WordPress experts who understand WordPress very well. So, whenever you face any issue on your site, you just need to inform the support team about it and they will take care of everything.

In simple words, you don’t need to ever worry about the issues of your WordPress site because their support team will do everything for you.

Rocket.net Hosting Control Panel & Dashboard

Rocket.net provides an extremely clean dashboard where you can easily get access to all the important things as you can see in the below screenshot.

When you log in to your Rocket.net hosting account then you’ll see all the important details like no. of sites you have installed, no. of visitors, disk usage, bandwidth usage, your recent tickets, new updates of Rocket.net hosting and a lot more without clicking on any other page.

That’s why I said that the dashboard in Rocket hosting is very simple and easy to understand. 

Apart from this, All the important information regarding your site are organized in different tabs such as dashboard, sites, billing, support etc.

It has a super easy to use control panel from where you can do WordPress installation in one click, check all the stats of your WordPress websites, take backup, install and update your WordPress websites theme, plugins etc.

I have never seen such a user-friendly Control panel in other web hosting companies.

Rocket.net Hosting  Speed Test Performance Testing

I was curious to know the actual performance of Rocket.net hosting so I ran a test on different tools like Pingdom, Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix to see the actual site speed. 

Here are the results.

Test 1: GTMetrix Score

Speed Test 2: Google Page Speed Insights

Speed Test 3: Pingdom Test

Why Am I Using Rocket.net Hosting? [Powerful Features]

Now, I am going to tell you about all the powerful features that are available in Rocket.net hosting.

1. Free Cloudflare CDN (Enterprise Level Access)

It is one of the most important features because, without this, your site will not be able to load super fast.

Rocket.net provides Cloudflare Enterprise level access to all its plans which is the main reason why sites hosted on Rocket Hosting get lightning-fast speed. 😮

Cloudflare CDN provides superfast site speed by caching the website resources before reaching the users. They have the largest content delivery network which helps in serving your static content from around the world.

Basically, Cloudflare CDN allows websites to send content from the nearest edge server.

It also blocks all the bots and other spammy traffic that will slow down your website.

2. Server Locations

Rocket.net has the largest network of over 200+ data centers in the world and strategically places its servers nearby large population centers to allow you to get closer than ever to your website visitors. This is a huge advantage over other hosting providers. 

3. Speed

Rocket.net hosting provides a super-fast loading time for your WordPress site, they provide server locations around the globe to make sure that your site loads quickly from the closest possible edge location of your blog visitors.

It gives customers an amazing browsing experience with fewer wait times.

There are several other reasons why it provides a blazing fast loading time for your site. As I already told you that Rocket hosting provides Cloudflare enterprise-level access in all its plans.

These Enterprise level access do the following things to load your site super fast:

  • File Compression via Brotli
  • Polish Image Optimization
  • Mirage Image Optimization
  • Argo Smart Routing
  • Tiered Caching
  • Zero-Configuration

4. Eliminate Costly Plugins

If you are not using Rocket Hosting then you would need to purchase costly plugins just for image optimization, security, JS. CDN, Firewall, WAF,  Malware protection, Caching etc. 😞

These features are all built into your Rocket.net hosting account. So you don’t need to invest in any of these plugins. If you are using any of these plugins even caching plugins then you can uninstall them to further improve your site speed. 😍

Why? Because Rocket.net has all these features built-in. 

You don’t need to use these expensive plugins if you are using Rocket Hosting:

  • Firewall/WAF Plugins
  • Image Optimization Plugins
  • JS Prioritization Plugins
  • Malware Protection Plugins
  • CDN Plugins
  • Caching Plugins

5. Website Firewall (WAF)

Website Firewall keeps website safe from incoming malicious attacks and coming under a DDoS attack. It detects any attempt to hack your site and stops it instantly before it even gets onto your website.

Rocket.net Hosting offers a level of protection and performance that most hosting providers can’t match with its two-layer firewall system powered by Cloudflare Enterprise & Imunify360 on all websites.

The Thing that makes Rocket.net different from other hosting is that Rocket.net provides not one, but Two Firewalls for your website. 

The first firewall lives out at the Edge and scans each request before delivering them up to our servers

Rocket employs another Imunify360 powered Firewall right here on all of its servers too to provides additional protection to your WordPress website from 0-day exploits, brute force attacks, and much more.

6. SSL certificate

If you want to secure your website, then you must have an SSL certificate on your site.

When you use Google Chrome browser and the search menu has a lock icon on it, then it means that the SSL Certificate is valid and available.

Rocket.net hosting provides a FREE SSL certificate to all its customers.

7. Free Migration for websites

If you are planning to migrate your website to Rocket.net then you’ll be glad to know that they provide a free migration service.

All you need to do is just to contact their customer support staff via live chat or via creating a ticket and tell them that you want to transfer your website from other hosting providers to Rocket hosting.

They’ll migrate your website within 2-3 hours without any downtime.  

8. Daily Automatic Back Ups – Restoring

If you have a website that is constantly changing and updating, then you must take a backup of your website so that if anything happens to your site, then you don’t lose all your data. 

But taking backup manually is very time consuming and it’s not a good idea.

This is why Rocket.net provides daily automatic backup of your website along with 1-click restoring features.

They store the last 14-days of backup of your site and you can restore any data from the last 14-days. 😍

Apart from this, if you want to create manual backups and download them then it’s also possible with Rocket.net hosting. 

9. Malware/Virus Protection

Malware/Virus protection is a very important factor of hosting for any website because your site can be attacked by some malware just like a spam email.

This can seriously threaten your site if you don’t have any secure server hosting.

If you are using Rocket.net then you don’t need to worry about it.

Why? because it offers real-time protection and automated patching to protect your site from malware (or virus).

Real-Time Protection means they scan every single request to your site in real-time to ensure that there is not any malware or virus. They check every HTTP request and even FTP uploads. So, you can imagine the level of security of Rocket.net

Automatic Patching means that suppose if you want to migrate any site to Rocket.net that is affected by malware or virus then you will be shocked to know that they’ll scan your entire WordPress site and malware and/or malicious code upon migration. And this service is FREE of cost.

That’s why I love Rocket.net hosting.

10. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee 

Rocket.net provides a guaranteed 99.99% uptime along with a 30-Day money-back guarantee. So, you need to worry about the uptime. 

In my case, I noticed 100% uptime for my site.

Rocket.net Hosting Pricing Plans 2021: Which plan is perfect for you?

Rocket.net hosting tends to charge a little bit higher than the average host.

They have 4 different plans which varies depending on the no. of the site you want to use and how much traffic it will generate.

  • Starter Plan ($30/mo)
  • Pro Plan ($60/mo)
  • Business Plan ($100/mo)
  • Agency Plan ($200/mo)

1. Starter Plan

The Starter Plan costs $30 per month for 1 WordPress install and it can handle 225,000 traffic per month. Apart from this, you’ll get 10GB disk space and Free SSL, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, WAF and all the features. So, If you only want to run one website then the Starter plan is perfect for you.

2. Pro Plan

The Pro Plan costs $60 per month for 3 WordPress installs and it can handle 1000,000 traffic every single month. Apart from this, you’ll get 20GB of hosting space and Free SSL, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, WAF and all the features. If you don’t want to run more than 3 sites then you should purchase the PRO plan of Rocket.net

3. Business Plan

The Business Plan costs $100 per month for 10 WordPress installs and it can handle 2,500,000 traffic every single month. Apart from this, you’ll get 40GB storage and Free SSL, Enterprise CDN, WAF and all the features.

4. Agency Plan

The Agency Plan costs $200 per month for 25 WordPress installs and it can handle 5,000,000 traffic every single month. Apart from this, you’ll get 50GB storage and Free SSL, CDN, WAF and all the features.

NOTE: All plans come with Cloudflare Enterprise level access, daily automatic backup, 1-click restore, free migration, staging environments and many more amazing features. If you are still confused that Rocket.net hosting is right for you or not then Click here to Try Rocket Hosting at just $1

Rocket.net Support & Customer Services

I have been gone through the worst experience with customer support from many hosting providers in the past and that’s why I’ll suggest you always go for a web host that provides outstanding customer support.

For me, Rocket.net provides the best customer support in the form of live chat, ticket and email support.

Rocket.net Live Chat is available 24/7 and they will answer all your queries regarding any issue you have with your site and they fix it immediately with high priority.

I noticed that their average response time on LIVE chat is less than 15 seconds. So, you can imagine 

Rocket.net Video Reviews

As we all know that due to Google Core Web Vital update, It’s very important to focus on improving our website speed.

After migrating to Rocket.net, I noticed something amazing in my Google Search Console account. So, I created a small Rocket.net review video on it. I hope that it’ll help you.

Rocket.net Vs WPX Hosting Speed Test

As, I already told you that I was using WPX hosting earlier, but when I switched to Rocket.net hosting and saw the speed improvements of my website.

Homepage Speed Test With WPX Hosting (Before Migrating to Rocket.net)

Before migrating my site to Rocket.net hosting, I performed a speed test in GTMetrix so that I can check that which hosting is faster.

Homepage Speed Test With Rocket Hosting (After Migrating to Rocket Hosting)

My Article Speed Test With WPX Hosting (Before Migrating to Rocket.net)

My Article Speed Test With Rocket.net (After Migrating to Rocket.net)

GtMetrix Speed Test with WPX Hosting

GtMetrix Speed Test with Rocket.net Hosting

By comparing these two screenshots you can understand that Rocket.net is much faster as compared to WPX hosting.

I also created a video and uploaded it on YouTube just to show you the massive improvement in the loading time of my website after switching to Rocket.net hosting from WPX hosting.

NOTE: 1st part of the below recorded before migrating to WPX and 2nd part of the video recorded after migrating to Rocket.net hosting. I combined both video parts into one video to make it easy to understand for you.

Who Should use Rocket.net Hosting?

Rocket.net, a famous managed WordPress hosting provider, is an excellent choice for bloggers, small businesses and agencies who are looking for fast speeds and high security.

They provide superior performance, reliability and security for your site. It’s a good choice for businesses that are getting started or those trying to grow their business.

This is a great choice for small businesses or even for personal use.

Rocket.net Coupon (Get Special Discount)

If you are still thinking that Rocket.net is not for you then click here to try Rocket Hosting at just $1

A special coupon code will be applied automatically when you’ll click on this special link which will help you to try Rocket.net hosting at just $1 for your first month.

If you are planning to purchase it then I’ll highly recommend you to grab the yearly plan to get a huge discount on Rocket.net hosting.

Rocket.net FAQ

What is Rocket.net Hosting?

Rocket.net is the world’s fastest-growing managed WordPress hosting service. It provides top-notch performance, reliability and security for your sites. This is the reason why I’m using their hosting service for all my blogs (including this blog).

What is the Price of Rocket.net Hosting?

Rocket.net offers 4 different WordPress hosting plans;
1. Starter Plan ($30/mo)
2. Pro Plan ($60/mo)
3. Business Plan ($100/mo)
4. Agency Plan ($200/mo)

Is Rocket.net Hosting Better than WPX, SiteGround & Cloudways?

Rocket.net is better than WPX, SiteGround and Cloudways. It provides high security and very fast speeds. That’s why I migrated my site from WPX to Rocket.net

Does Rocket.net Offers Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Rocket.net offers a 30-Day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t find this hosting helpful then you can request a full refund within 30 days.

Is it faster than other hosting Companies?

Yes, Rocket.net is faster than other hosting companies. So, you can take advantage of incredible speed and security with great performance for your WordPress site.

Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, Rocket.net is worth the money. I’ve been using their hosting service for more than 3 months and I’m very happy with it due to lightning-fast site speed, high level of security and excellent support.

Does Rocket hosting offer Free SSL?

Yes, It offers Free SSL with every plan. So, you don’t have to pay anything for SSL.

Can We Try Rocket.net Hosting For FREE?

They don’t offer any free trial but you can use this special link to try their hosting service for just $1.

Does it provides good security to the site?

Yes, It offers a high level of security to the WordPress site. It uses a Cloudflare enterprise-level firewall and it also provides free SSL with every plan.

Which Plan of Rocket.net hosting is good for me?

Rocket.net provides four different plans for WordPress hosting. The Starter plan is good for hosting a single site. If you want to host multiple sites then I’d recommend you to go with The Pro Plan.

What are the payment methods available on Rocket.net?

They accept multiple payment methods including PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card.

Does Rocket.net Offers Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes, Rocket.net is famous for providing the managed WordPress hosting. They also provide automatic updates, daily backups and one-click restore features to their customers.

Does Rocket.net Hosting Offer Daily Automatic Backup?

Yes, Rocket.net offers daily automatic backup with every plan. They store the last 14-days backup. So, you can easily restore to any previous point if you want.

Will we get the Staging feature in Rocket.net Hosting?

Yes, You’ll get staging in Rocket.net Hosting. It’s a great feature for you to practice changes before you want to put them into the live site.

Is it good for newbie bloggers?

No, it’s not good for newbie bloggers because its plan starts from $30/mo. So, it’s not affordable hosting for newbie bloggers. I’ll recommend newbies to use monthly billed hosting or Free Trial hostings.

Does Rocket hosting has any affiliate program?

Yes, Rocket.net has an affiliate program. You can join it from here.

Do they Offer Free Website Migration?

Yes, Rocket.net offers free website migration for its customers. You can request to migrate your existing site to Rocket.net via live chat or by creating a ticket.

Final Words about Rocket.net Review

Rocket.net is great for small businesses and even personal websites. They have a wide range of packages that are priced from $30 to $200 per month. If you want lightning-fast website speed, a high level of security and the best customer service, then Rocket.net is perfect for you.

Rocket.net is the best-Managed WordPress hosting service due to its high speed, reliable and secure hosting. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find it helpful then you can request a full refund. It offers free SSL with every plan as well as Daily automatic backups with the last 14-days backup storage feature.

There is only one con that they don’t offer email hosting but it’s not a big deal. You can use Google WorkSpace for email hosting.

If you still have confusion that Rocket.net hosting is right for you or not then use this special link and try Rocket.net for just $1. You’ll be a fan of this hosting like me.

I hope that this Rocket.net review helped you to clear all your doubts reading this hosting. If you still have any doubt then please let me know via comment below.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Thanks in Advance.

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