The Recipe for Perfect Coming Soon or Under Construction Page

Managing a website on your own is no easy task, especially when you’re trying your best to make it as perfect as you’ve imagined it. So we’ve cooked up a perfect recipe for when you’re still making out the fine details on your website.

When you’re working around your website, you want to have something inviting on it, even if you don’t have anything on it. Does that make sense? We’ll explain further. If you plan on doing some maintenance, or add something on your website, making it clear that it’s being worked on will save you a lot of energy coming from questions like “Why can’t I see your page?“. 

Same goes for announcing the arrival of a new addition to your website. To avoid drowning in emails that contain the same question, aka. “When will it be up?“, save yourself from the trouble and put up a notice that will explain what is going on. 

Just like with other parts of you websites, these should have a clear description of what is happening, what to expect and, recommended but not always necessary, social links where curious clickers can reach out to you. Add to that some good looking graphics and you’re done! …But that would take hours, if not days to set up, right?

Getting the right clear value proposition, good graphics and working with it all can be more time consuming than we’d like to admit. One of the recommended software solutions for best accomplishing this, is Infogram.

Instead of going around and taking ages to implement something, plugins are your way to go. Are you still debating how you want everything set up? Or are you still working on what you want to publish, but make it public that it’s coming out? It can be as easy as dragging and dropping to ensure you’ve got all that you need. 

Now, why would you even need those? While it’s objectively the easiest to just finish what you’re working on, leaving out your website undone can leave a bad impression on the viewer. Also, think about the traffic you could get after you’ve finished your work. Having your website completely offline to do some work here and there can hurt your traffic by a mile! 

Likewise, when seeing that something is being worked on, people are more inclined to go back to what they wanted to see, expecting to see the final results already set.  Having something aesthetically pleasing to look at and checking out the notice you’ve put up will assure them that their favorite WordPress page isn’t missing in action. Think about it this way, it’s a cover-up that will let you do your work, whether you’re making more things for your business or simply changing out the bits and pieces. 

The plugins won’t slow down your website, and they’ll generally leave you with enough time on your hands to focus on what you want to finish up, without worrying about your website onlookers seeing something that will drive them off. 

Doing the work as a one man (or woman) army can leave you overwhelmed with everything. That’s why we did the work for you, and we’ve got something that might be just what you need and featured the plugins we think are game-changing. 

While you can’t put up traffic cones and warnings on your page, you can make sure that whoever clicks on it sees that you’re working hard behind the scenes. 

The one you can get from the UnderConstructionPage offers a free demo of the plugin, without you even registering for it beforehand. Also, it offers a great array of templates you can use and over a million pictures you can use that might hit the spot for what you’re looking for. You can also see some of their example templates in the screenshot below.

Best thing is, they’re royalty free and are implemented with Unsplash, so you get your pick from a number of high quality pictures that won’t be too small. It’s also really easy to use as it’s a drag and drop builder, and can easily be modified to whatever part of the page you want covered. Whole website? Just a page? You name it, it’s got it. In the end, even if you’re having trouble with finding your way around it, the customer service will be able to give you a hand if you need it. With the frequent updates you’ll be on track around the clock.

Announcing projects, launches or events is also really easy when using plugins, especially if you always have something new that you want to bring attention to. The importance of them is off the roof, as they can draw more visitors, social media followers, and the most important of it all, help your page establish a good SEO ground before you even take off. Want to show off your work in style then? 

Then getting the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin is the best bet for you. Usually, it would take you hours to get it done, and honestly, that is hours of work you can put in somewhere else. Even if you don’t end up working off the hours you saved, you can at least get a good nights rest without the unnecessary stress of leaving a job unfinished. The plugin can be set up in a matter of minutes, and you get to adjust the settings on it however you want. 

Notice how we said want, not need, as it’s not difficult to work with it, and the only thing that may take a bit of your time is going through the themes to pick the one you want. Of course, it comes with a demo so you can check it out before you decide to get it, and the developers are always tinkering around with it to make sure it looks and works as great as it should. 

Both of these were made specifically for the moments where work can pile up, and you don’t want to waste your precious time. Be sure to check them out and give them a try, the demos are free after all!

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