These are The Top Things To Do In Michigan City, IN


The home of the Old Michigan City Lighthouse and the newer functioning one, this city has an abundance of sporting monuments as well as fun spots for thrill-seekers. Michigan City is also home to one if the United States of America’s oldest municipal bands which serenades people for free at the city park at least once a week. This awesome city seems to have a thing for everybody as it even has a well-stocked zoo, an astonishing art gallery as well as numerous nationally adored sports teams. Let me tell you about a thing or two you can do in Michigan City, Indiana.

Things to do in Michigan City, Indiana

Michigan City Events

A city known as a cultural hub and a diversity haven, Michigan City, Indiana has an array of activities and events that can fill up a whole monthly calendar sheet without giving the visitors time even to change clothes. The city moves faster than five men chasing a basketball, and it is strangely as orderly as a white house press statement release. Thinking of some great Michigan City events to be a part of, don’t think too hard because we’ll show you. First, you should certainly check out the Blue Chip Casino. If you love gambling and you are thinking about going hard in class, there is no better place in Indiana than at the Blue Chip Casino. This casino evokes memories of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas as well as notable high rolling spots. The stakes are high, the people are beautiful, and the scenery is perfect. This, coupled with the fact that it is the largest riverboat casino in Indiana, makes Blue Chip a cool place to be for the high rolling tourist.

Furthermore, if you are a reading geek and someone that cannot stay without feeling a hard covered book for a prolonged period you should check out Michigan City Public Library where they stage numerous events to sensitize book lovers as well as unique offers and connections you stand to gain. Lastly, if you are a lover of live music and you adore how beautiful the instrumentals are, you should come out on Thursday evenings at the Guy F. Foreman Amphitheatre to watch the Michigan City band play for free. An award-winning ensemble cast of unique instrumentalists. This could revitalize a once stale trip and give you much needed good vibes to follow through with the rest of the vacation. Nothing beats live music!

Old Lighthouse Museum Michigan City, Indiana

Things To Do In Michigan City,IN

Formally one of the preeminent tourist spots and local attractions in the whole city, this lighthouse has now been replaced with a much bigger one, but that doesn’t stop the nostalgic feeling the old lighthouse evokes. The city council of Michigan City, Indiana thus smartly converted the old lighthouse into a fancy museum that has over the years attracted Americans from other states as well as people from foreign nations.

The old lighthouse museum is daintily located in the middle of the city and is in a vintage spot that people surely cannot miss. It has the original 1858 light station structure, eight well-maintained display rooms, the Great Lakes history, a display of notable shipwrecks, a guide to the era of sailing ships, local city history, a well-stocked gift shop and so much more. Visiting hours are quite flexible, and the museum’s staff is friendly and awesome to be around.

Fire And Water Restaurant Michigan City Indiana

Like any city with the history of Michigan City, Indiana should have, this illustrious city has amazing food spots that locals, as well as tourists, can simply sink their teeth into and savour the culinary delicacies that the city has to offer. The weather in the city is quite good and as such fresh fruits and vegetables are always available. This gives the chefs an array of opportunities and time to play around and come up with yummy gems to keep people coming back for more.

One of the most paramount of these restaurants is the illustrious fire and water restaurant. This restaurant is situated so close to the beach; this gives the place an instant advantage as the scenery is already upped a notch. It has a great menu and awesome dishes to choose from. Each helping seems to come with a rich blend of hospitality and class, plus it’s hard to go wrong with a rooftop bar. You can order dishes ranging from Tacos, to rice to pizza, to snacks to just about anything that your mind directs you to. If fire and water restaurant doesn’t have it, there will surely be an amazing alternative.


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