Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in India 2020 [Male/Female]

If you are a huge follower of the fashion & beauty industry and want to start something your own, then I am sure this list of Indian fashion bloggers & influencers will motivate you with their blogs. I have already shared a list of Top Bloggers in India to follow in 2020.

Everybody wants to be more stylish these days but clearly, it isn’t an easy task. It’s not just like buying trendy outfits from online stores and wrapping yourself with those clothes.

You need to follow a few fashion tips to make your investment worthy. Few people have great dressing sense and they can guide you too, but where you can find them?

You must Google for the best Indian fashion blogs or bloggers and also follow them on social media platforms. Doing this will help you in getting great fashion tips without much effort.

I have made a list of top 10 fashion blogs in India 2020 [considering men & women] and this is really going to help you to start your fashion blog or your online fashion business.

Disclaimer: I have prepared this list as per the popularity of the websites majorly on social media. Don’t go by the sequence as I have listed them randomly. You are free to comment on your favorite fashion blog in India. I will be adding more websites in coming days. Enjoy reading & sharing this article.

TOP Female Fashion Bloggers in India 2020 

Majority of the fashion industry is occupied with a highly talented female. Here I am listing a few of the popular fashion blogs in India run by these awesome ladies. I will be updating this list from time to time and add more awesome fashion websites in 2019.

1. Corallista

Corallista Fashion Blog in India

If you are a female and looking for some fashion inspiration then Corallista could be a better place. Ankita Srivastava is the owner of this blog and she describes herself as a “beauty enthusiast”. Ankita has spent 1.5 years in Japan and currently, she is living in Mumbai, India.

She just loves to share her makeup and beauty ideas online and for doing this she launched her blog in 2011. She has completely devoted herself as a fashion blogger after completing her engineering in 2012.

Corallista is one of the oldest Indian fashion blogs and here you get great useful fashion tips on makeup, skincare, hair care, makeup tutorials, celebrity fashion and some personal experiences of Ankita. This is the top fashion bloggers in India on Instagram in 2019.

  • Website
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 448
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 13,440
  • Pages per Visit: 17.00
  • Daily Pageviews: 7,609
  • Alexa Rank: 954,635

Social Media Profiles & Stats

2. Thatbohogirl

Thatbohogirl Fashion Blog

Kritika Khurana the girl behind does not just have the hobby of fashion; she also has a degree in fashion and design. Kritika has huge crave for Bohemian fashion and share great fashion and dressing tips through her blog

She also owns an eCommerce store named The Hype. Kritika is a very popular fashion diva on social media having 555K+ followers on Instagram alone.

  • Website
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 245
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 7,350
  • Pages per Visit: 2.30
  • Daily Pageviews: 564
  • Alexa Rank: 1,017,823

Social Media Profiles & Stats

3. AkankshaRedhu

Akanksha Redhu Fashion Blogger in India

This fashion blog was launched by Akanksha Redhu in 2010 to share her best fashion and lifestyle tips. Akanksha can help you in becoming more stylish and fashionable with her fashion tips.

Her fashion blog covers fashion and lifestyle categories including fashion, lifestyle, travel, luxury, beauty and more.

She is best known for her great product reviews and had collaborated with multiple brands such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, British Council, Zivame, Vogue and the list goes on.

  • Website:
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 600
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 18,000
  • Pages per Visit: 2.00
  • Daily Pageviews: 1,200
  • Alexa Rank: 485,187

Social Media Profiles & Stats

4. Fashionoomph

Fashionoomph website

Your need for insightful fashion and lifestyle tutorials can be fulfilled at, a fashion blog owned by a Delhi based diva Tanya Mahendra.

This blog was launched in 2013 and it has become one of the best Indian fashion blogs over the years. Tanya not only shares great makeup or outfit tips she also provides the experiences of her outfit and beauty experiments she performs.

Tanya will guide you in looking trendy and fashionable in whatever you wear. Tanya provides useful and worthy tips on the following topics: fashion, travel, trends, garment, accessories, beauty and more.

  • Website:
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 60
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,800
  • Pages per Visit: 1.60
  • Daily Pageviews: 96
  • Alexa Rank: 2,733,866

Social Media Profiles & Stats

5. Guiltybytes

Guiltybytes fashion blogger in India

Devina Malhotra the Punjabi lady is behind guiltybytes which is one of the top Indian fashion blogs. Devina is a very hard working lady and you will find the latest fashion tips and Bollywood updates on her blog. was started in 2012 and since then Devina is providing useful tips on multiple topics such as fashion, makeup, wellness, décor, food, recipe, celebrity, relationship and more.

She had an experience as a professional digital marketer and social media strategist also. Devina had collaborated with many brands and help them extend their reach both offline and online. She had a huge follower base on various social media channels such as:

  • Website:
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 1,600
  • Monthly Unique Visitors:48,000
  • Pages per Visit:1.60
  • Daily Pageviews:2,560
  • Alexa Rank:305,911

Social Media Profiles & Stats

TOP Men Fashion Bloggers in India 2020

Usually, males don’t care enough about their looks but the time has changed. These days’ men also spend a great time on experimenting cool outfits and have become more beauty conscious. You will also find some of the best mens Instagram shops also.

Being stylish does not mean to invest a lot of your resources on outfits and beauty products. You must make effort to shop smartly and buy clothes capable of complementing other outfits. Always go with the clothes which are easily interchangeable and made with quality material.

You may need to contact a personal stylist for getting best fashion tips and suggestions but following top male fashion blogs or bloggers online can also be a great idea. Let’s explore a few of the best Indian male fashion bloggers list in 2020.


UrbanEye Fashion Blog in India

Riaan George the man behind is one of the most luxuries fashion bloggers of India. He has a great dressing sense and loves to carry other accessories. He is the top male fashion bloggers in India on Instagram in 2019.

Whether you are looking for some traditional, casual or professional outfit ideas, Riaan can provide the best tips. Riaan travels a lot and he also loves to share his travel experiences through his blog and social media accounts.

Riaan is quite busy in his life and you will find him exploring new places, trying best outfits, attending fashion shows, spending time with celebrities and sharing those experiences on his fashion blog. He is also one of the best top male influencers in India.

  • Website:
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 95
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 2,850
  • Pages per Visit: 1.50
  • Daily Pageviews: 143
  • Alexa Rank: 2,161,118

Social Media Profiles & Stats

7. KishStyle

KishStyle Fashion Website in India

What would be better than getting some fashion and styling tips from a model? That will be awesome, right.

This fashion blog is owned by Kish Raveendran who is a Canadian model and stylish. You will find great fashion and lifestyle tips on multiple categories in his blog including outfit, menswear, fashion week, travel, grooming, accessories, cars, food and more.

Kish lives in Toronto, Canada and is a fashion geek, entrepreneur, husband, and father of a cute baby girl. He had collaborated with many brands and always busy in sharing best styling tips through his blog and his social media accounts.

  • Website:
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 23
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 690
  • Pages per Visit: 1.00
  • Daily Pageviews: 23
  • Alexa Rank: 10,295,925

Social Media Profiles & Stats

8. Jai Gidwani

jai gidwani
Jai Gidwani top male fashion blogger in India

Jai Gidwani is a Spain based award-winning model and fashion blogger. He keeps himself busy in exploring new destinations and also dressing himself according to the occasions and places. Just check out the best men’s clothing stores on Instagram in India.

Jai’s Instagram account is loaded with cool outfit ideas and I think that will be sufficient to inspire anybody. He is a guide to men’s style, a fashion, and lifestyle influencer as he describes himself in his Facebook about page.

Social Media Profiles & Stats

9. Thedapperlabel


If you are a youngster or a teenager and looking for a guide to style yourself then Usaamah Siddique the guy behind could be the best person. He is one of the top male fashion bloggers in Mumbai.

He created this fashion blog in 2013 and has been featured as one of the best menswear Indian bloggers in many popular lifestyle blogs including GQ, MensXP, Buzzfeed and others.

Usaamah is simply awesome and you can get some serious fashion inspirations from his Instagram account. This Mumbai based fashion blogger love to roam different parts of this blue planet and also shares his styling hacks and travel experiences through his blog.

  • Website:
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 156
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 4,680
  • Pages per Visit: 1.40
  • Daily Pageviews: 219
  • Alexa Rank: 2,507,564

Social Media Profiles & Stats

10. Purushu


Purushu Arie is a Chennai based fashion blogger having a degree in fashion designing from NIFT, Delhi. He is an award-winning top fashion blogger from Delhi and created his blog in 2009.

Purushu has a completely different view of fashion and he owns India’s first gender-neutral fashion eCommerce website.

He has been nominated as one of the “top 5 Indian fashion blogs” in and “most influential blog in Delhi” by Hindustan times in 2011.

  • Website:
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 1,243
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 37,290
  • Pages per Visit: 1.40
  • Daily Pageviews: 1,740
  • Alexa Rank: 499,983

Social Media Profiles & Stats

Conclusion: Which Is The Most Popular Fashion Blogs in India

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of Top Fashion and Beauty Bloggers for Influencer Marketing. They are some awesome fashion bloggers in India who are spreading their talent and creativity. You can easily follow them on Facebook, Instagram and learn awesome fashion tips every day.

If you love to start a fashion blog in 2020, then I would like to know your favorite fashion website and the person. Do write a comment below and share your thoughts. Thank you for reading and sharing this article on social media.

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