Top 10 Instagram Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Ready to witness some of the most incredible hidden Instagram hacks?!

Instagram has emerged as a giant among social media platforms, with around 1 billion active users every month,. However, as an ever-evolving space, Instagram keeps updating itself to add cool new features to its mix, which many people may miss out on.

These tricks can be life-changing not just for marketers, but also for regular users looking to engage with their audience in a more effective way. 

Here, we have rounded up Top 10 Instagram hacks or features to take your Instagram usage to the next level-

1. Schedule your posts in advance

You can easily pre-post content for a set date and time in the future using social media scheduling tools. This helps you save time, post consistently to boost audience engagement, and most importantly, allows you to post when the audience is most active.

According to a study by Tailwind, posting seven times or more in a week increases engagement and follower count. 

To schedule Instagram posts:

  • Convert your existing Instagram profile to a business profile and then connect it to your Facebook page 
  • Then schedule your posts from the Facebook Creator studio or third- party scheduling tools like Later, HootSuite, etc.
  • Use professional Instagram Scheduler and Analytics Tool like Tailwind.

BONUS TIP: Schedule your posts for a time when the audience is most active. According to the latest data, the most consistent engagement can be found from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Adespresso has a detailed guide on posting schedules on Instagram.

Instagram’s ‘Insights’ makes it easy to track audience stats. Go to your profile and tap on Insights from the three-dash menu option on the top right. In the Audience tab, scroll to the bottom to find out when your audience is most active.

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2. Reply to messages at a lightning speed

Messaging can sometimes become tiring and time-consuming. To save you the pain, Instagram provides you with the ‘Quick Reply‘ feature to create shortcuts for words, phrases, or sentences. Thus, you can manage large quantities of messages effortlessly.

Go to the three-dashed menu option on the top right corner of your profile. Go to Settings>Business>Quick Replies. Click on the + sign on the top right corner to create a quick reply. When you type the shortcut word, a quick reply icon will appear in the message box. Click on the icon and the message will appear.

NOTE: Switch your account to a Business profile to be able to use this feature

3. Reduce the battery and data wastage 

Instagram App can drain your phone battery and data very quickly. To solve this problem, especially when you have low battery or data remaining, you can follow these steps:

Tap on the three-dashed menu option on the top right corner of your profile. Go to Settings>Account>Mobile data use. Enable the ‘Use Less Data’ option.

NOTE: Using less mobile data may make your Instagram work slower 

4. Using Instagram as a standalone photo-editor 

Instagram provides loads of filters and editing features. However, sometimes you might not want to post the edited picture on Instagram, but on other platforms. We have a simple Instagram cheat for this purpose!

Firstly, tap on the three-dashed menu option on the top right corner of your profile. Go to Settings>Account>Original Photos. Enable ‘Save Original Photos’. Then, turn on the ‘airplane mode’ on your phone. Now, if you share an edited picture on Instagram, the upload will be disrupted. However, the edited image will automatically be saved in your phone’s photo gallery.

You can also manage filters by swiping through the filters until you reach the end. Tap on the Manage button. This lets you reorder and delete filters as per your wish. It also gives you access to more filters on Instagram.

5. Make your content more discoverable

It is significant for a content creator and marketer to use the right strategies to reach a greater audience. Emma Hoareau (@emmahoareau), a beauty and travel blogger grew from scratch and now has forty thousand followers, she says that the entire concept is of creating posts that are unique and discoverable. 

We have a hack in store for you!

Instagram lets you easily find the best hashtags which are searched the most.

  • Go to the Explore tab by clicking on the magnifying glass icon 
  • Type in the keyword related to which you want to find hashtags
  • Go to the Tags tab and choose a hashtag from the list
  • The page displays some of the most relevant and related hashtags at the top

6. Hide hashtags on your Instagram story

Instagram allows you to add up to 10 hashtags in a single story. However, they can often make your stories look messy. There is an easy trick to hide the hashtags and make your story look neat.

Tap your hashtag and then click on the ink dropper icon at the bottom left. Tap the area where you have placed your hashtag. This will make the hashtag’s text color the same as its background, thus camouflaging it.

7. Use attractive fonts for your captions and bio

Not satisfied with the basic Instagram font? You can now make your Instagram profile stand out by using several unique fonts in your bio or caption using third-party websites. These attractive fonts please the eye and help in having a better profile. 

To add a unique font:

Go to a font generator website like LingoJam. Type the desired text in the box. The text gets generated in different fonts. Then, copy your favourite font from the list and paste it directly in the caption or bio section on your Instagram profile.

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8. Make photos last longer in stories

Instagram allows photos to last for 5 seconds in an Instagram story. However, you can use a super simple hack to make it last for up to 15 seconds instead. Add a song to your story!

When you create a story, click on the sticker icon, and tap on the Music button. Choose a song from the options given on Instagram. You can crop the song as per your choice to make it last from 5 to 15 seconds. Simple, isn’t it?

9. Copy photo(s) from the gallery to your Instagram stories directly

You can make your Instagram stories look more attractive by adding one or more pictures as stickers straight from your gallery. 

  • Create a story with the preferred background on Instagram
  • Before posting, go to your photo gallery and copy the image you would like to add
  • Then, go back to Instagram. The picture pops up at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Click on Add Sticker, and the picture will be added to your story
  • Repeat the same process to add multiple pictures in the story
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10. Use Instagram posts for selling products

Instagram comes with plenty of features to up your retail game. You can feature products in a post along with prices. To use this feature, your account must be a business account and approved for Instagram shopping.

  • Click on the three-dashed menu option on your profile
  • Go to Settings>Business>Sign up for shopping. Follow the steps to create/connect a catalog and enable Instagram shopping
  • Then, post a picture on which you want to add the product tags. On the Write a Caption page, you will find an added option called ‘Tag products, ‘ which lets you add the required tags.

Besides the above tips, you can try posting GIFs on Instagram as they are widely loved by the audience. Here is a detailed guide on how to do so.

With these hacks in your bag, you are all set to transform your Instagram journey! However, it is also beneficial to regularly update the app and switch to a business account, so that you can ultimately access all the latest features of Instagram.

Note: This is a guest post by Pankaj Mondal.

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