Top 10 Platforms To Get Unlimited Content Ideas for Your Blog in 2021

While working on your blog, have you faced the problem of lack of content ideas for your blog? 

I think everyone in the blogging field may have faced the same problem at least once in their journey. This post might be helpful for your problem solution and may help you to get unlimited content ideas for your blog.

In this blog post, you will learn to get lots of content ideas for your blog in just a small time. We have listed down the 10 Best Platforms to get unlimited content ideas for your Blog. 

All of these platforms will provide you with the best content ideas that are highly consumed by peoples. That’s why there will be high traffic on your blogs easily. This may lead to high organic searches with little SEO and also unlimited referred traffic from these Platforms.

If You have not started a blog yet then you have to target a single niche first. This article’s 10 Best Platforms to Get Unlimited Content Ideas for Your Blog may help you to decide your specific niche. But we always suggest you choose a profitable niche where you should have an interest in it. 

10 Platforms To Get Unlimited Content Ideas for Your Blog
10 Platforms To Get Unlimited Content Ideas for Your Blog

After deciding on a niche then you may proceed to start a blog. There are two main options to go free with a blogger or go premium by paid hosting plans. We may help you to choose a hosting plan. Every blogger feels a lack of content ideas for their next blogs but there is one reason for it. The reason is that you don’t make any schedule or timetable for future blog posts and that’s why we are stuck in this problematic situation. 

That’s why before writing your first article try to make a calendar of future posts at least for the next few days. By our method of calendar making, we can stay ahead of time. I think after reading this article by giving some time, then we promise that you will never use such keywords in google to get unlimited content ideas for your blog.

10 Best Platforms to Get Unlimited Content Ideas for Your Blog

Someone said that “Learn from Mistakes!” But I will tell you that “Learn from Mistakes, but not yours.” I have made so many mistakes in the blogging field and taken learning from them and now I come to know all Tips and Tricks in Blogger. 

So I am delivering this article to you, that’s why you never need to make mistakes and you can learn from my blogs.


blog post ideas using quora

Have you heard about Quora? If not then I will explain it. It’s a question and answer platform where people ask their doubts and queries and other people answer them. Its platform where Peoples have to Question and Peoples have to answer.

You can find all queries related to your niche on Quora. Just you have to take a query from there and write down the article related to that query. 

This one is the best platform on our list that’s why it takes the number one position. Nowadays all peoples are shifting towards quora for getting solutions to their questions. You will get so many latest questions for your niche on Quora. Quora users are of every kind so there is no single niche on quora where questions are not available.

You just have to write an article blog post on a query-related topic and provide a solution to their questions with a link on the Quora platform.

I highly suggest you this platform to get content ideas. Because this platform can generate a good amount of content ideas for you. This may help you to get good organic traffic because people are looking for that topic already.

From Quora, you not only get unlimited content ideas for your blog but also get good traffic by just mentioning blog links in relevant questions and answers.

If you think that there is no question related to your article then try to make questions from your old articles and post Questions from other accounts on Quora and answer them with your own account.

2. Google Suggestions

google auto suggest

What things come to mind when you listen to the word Google? 

Its Search Engine, Right? 

If Yes then you have to change your thinking. We all are content creators and that’s why we have to watch google through different angles. 

For content ideas, we have to check google. There are three ways to do content research through google.

  • Auto-Suggest: Have you checked the drop-down list coming while searching in Google? The drop-down topics may help you as your next article topics.
  • People also Ask: The new feature of the google People also asks tab will give us queries related to your searched keyword.
  • Bottom Queries: As Auto suggests in the dropdown you can also get keyword searches related to your searched keyword. These queries appear at the end of the search page and above page numbering.


youtube auto suggest keyword

I think after getting the use of google from a content writer’s perspective, you will automatically get used to other search engine platforms. As all of you know about Youtube as a video content platform.

As with Google suggestions we also get an autosuggestion feature when we try to search for something on youtube. We get dropdown suggestions on Youtube also. From the dropdown suggestions, you can get unlimited ideas for your blog’s content in just a few seconds. You will also get searchable keywords easily through this listing.

You can get more related topics videos after your keyword results are completed. You can use them as content ideas for your future blog posts.

Bonus Tips- Try to read comments of other videos. There may be some comments that are related to queries on that topic. So you can take their queries as article topics.



Answer the public is a platform similar to Quora but here is one advantage over Quora. Quora doesn’t give you the most searchable topics but to answer the public you will get the most searched topics, keywords in search engines. Hence this will bring easy organic traffic towards your blog site by just writing an article on that keyword. 

Answer The Public may help you to find organically searched keywords that don’t have much more results to show on the internet. (Almost works as Google Question Hub)

This may help you to target a specific audience in paid promotion by perfect Narrow Downed Keywords.



It is a paid tool to analyze the opponent’s websites basically.  But we can use them for free for content ideas. Just have to put keywords in a content search and you will get topics that are already written on different platforms. Here you will get time filters and much more things to customize the topics searches related to your keyword.

In short, here you can get the most shared or liked content by people on different social platforms. By capturing that topic you can drive that traffic to your blog posts.

6. Pinterest

pinterest content ideas

We have seen the use of Search engines, Video sharing platforms, Question and answer platforms for our unlimited content ideas, and now it’s time for an image sharing platform. Pinterest is an image sharing platform wherein initial days people shared content in form of images but nowadays people share their blog post content in images format so they can drive the traffic from Pinterest to their blog site.

After Google, Pinterest is the topmost platform to provide unique ideas related to your topics. Here you can get new ideas by searching in the Pinterest search box and getting related topics in the form of images or videos.

Bonus Tip– You can post your blog content in the form of an image and drive traffic through it towards your blog post.

7. Reddit


For normal people, Reddit is a personalized newspaper where people choose their topics and get news related to that topic only. But as per the view of content creators, this Reddit helps us to find new topics that are searched by peoples on the internet. These topics are most searched and trending, so there may be high chances to rank your post on the top.

Reddit searches are most searched and shared on the web. So the top topics are mostly filtered through best searching results and that also have the most engagement on the web.

8. QuestionHub


It’s Google’s tool and we have to rank our posts on google. For getting blog ideas it may be helpful to all creators. There are so many unsolved queries that come towards google but google doesn’t know the solution to them. That question means queries are listed on google question hub.

How does Question Hub work?

Google Question hub works in the following way: If someone searched an unanswerable query on google then google doesn’t have anything to show them as a result. So google takes the searched query and posts it in the related keyword category on google question hub. You have to choose your topic and answer the unanswered queries posted on the question hub. 

You can submit your articles link there by means of which Google will show your post as a result when someone searched that topic again. If you do the same then there is no need for backlinks and other SEO factors to rank your post on top of searches.

9. Udemy


Udemy is an online course platform where you can get access to thousands of online courses related to your field. But we are content creators and we need Ideas for our content. So you can check the course names there and get topic ideas from them. The courses names are well researched and analyzed that’s why you just have to use them as it is.

This is not just for Udemy but you can do the same things with other Course platforms like Coursera, EdX, and much more.

10. Magzter


It’s a magazine and newspaper search site like other search engines. In magazines and newspapers word Magzter is the topmost preferred site in the whole world.

Now the question arises, How to do content research from the Magzter site? 

We always read newspapers and we get attracted to the news by their headlines. The same thing happens in Magazines. These headlines are more attractive and catchy. This may help you to find the topic but in especially we get knowledge to write the Title of our blog post. If your title is catchy then users always try to read that article and to engage the user rest will be your writing skills work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start Blogging?

You can start a blog by following basic steps. Choosing Blog Type/Niche >>Getting Perfect Domain Name >>Choose a best Hosting Plan >>Install WordPress >>Write a Blog post.

How do I get Ideas for Blogs Posts?

You can do keyword research and competitive analysis. You also follow the platforms mentioned in this article.

Is Blogging a good idea to earn money online in 2021?

Yes, Blogging can help you to earn money online only if you do it in the right direction. There are so many success stories started from blogging. 


Blogging is becoming the most competitive field nowadays. That’s why we need to choose the best niche first to start a blog. After that, we have to make research on keywords and choose a topic for the next blog post.

For great content ideas, you have to keep your mind open. If you are using any social platform such as Facebook and Instagram, you may have got content ideas if you engage with it through the Content Creator’s perspective.

10 Platforms To Get Unlimited Content Ideas for Your Blog

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