Top 5 video cards –

Most of the budget will go to this component. You can choose the vendor (MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Palit) by yourself based on the quality of the cooling system and the level of overclocking.

  1. AMD Radeon RX 570.

The most affordable option in our selection at an average cost of 13 thousand rubles ($175). This model can be safely called the people’s choice from the “red” camp. It has a 256-bit bus and 4 GB of video memory, and it can play most games with FullHD resolution quite decently. Single-fan models fit perfectly into compact Mini-ATX-based builds, and RX 570 with a couple of fans will be the coolest and relatively quietest. The graphics card supports DirectX 12, so gamers will be able to run the latest releases as well. With a maximum consumption of 150W, a 400-450W power supply is quite enough for the system. At maximum graphics settings AMD Radeon RX 570 gives an average of 30-40 FPS:

  • Battlefield 1 – 58 FPS;
  • Crysis 3 – 38 FPS;
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 48 FPS.
  1. GTX 1650.

Nvidia, in an attempt to compete with AMD in the budget segment, presented several models at the most modest price tags – 15-16 thousand rubles ($215). One of the features of the GTX 16X lineup is the use of the latest Turing architecture. There are no tensor cores and ray tracing, but GTX 1650 provides better performance than the popular GTX 1060. The only conditional drawback is the 4 GB of memory, just like the RX 570. On the other hand, the latest architecture and high enough frequencies allow you to comfortably play most of the latest games in 1920×1080 without much lag. And all this with a minimal power consumption of 75W.GTX 1650 will deliver the following results on ultra graphics settings:

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 35 FPS;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – 74 FPS;
  • Metro Exodus – 30 FPS.

In demanding games on the most colorful graphics in FullHD, you can count on 30-40 frames per second, and when reducing settings to medium – 50-60 fps. In multiplayer projects like Dota 2, CS:GO and WoT video cards will show themselves more than fine. By the way, the latest graphics cards are equipped with GDDR6 memory which has a higher data transfer speed – 12 GBit/sec compared to 8 GBit/sec in GDDR5.

  1. AMD Radeon RX 580.

If the RX 570 doesn’t seem powerful enough for you and your budget allows you to pay a few thousand more, you should take a closer look at the RX 580 for 17 thousand rubles (230$). The main advantage of this model is the whole 8 GB of video memory, even if it is GDDR5. For such a budget model this is an important plus because most games require 6 GB of video memory on medium and high settings. In all other respects, it is an improved version of RX 570 and the primus competitor of GTX 1650. The card has a 256-bit bus and requires a rather modest PSU of 500W. In tests on ultra settings at 1920×1080 resolution AMD’s solution shows pretty good results:

  • Battlefield 1 – 66 FPS;
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 55 FPS;
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 58 FPS.

The RX 580 falls just slightly short of the GTX 1060. That’s just the last news to find on sale problematic, but the model from AMD is still available in stores at reasonable prices, so it is well suited for low-cost builds.

  1. GTX 1660.

The next people’s model in the “green” lineup was GTX 1660 for 25 thousand rubles ($340). This version can be called the golden mean in the budget segment – a relatively affordable price with sufficient performance for FullHD.In essence, it is an improved version of the previously described model. Developers have increased the number of shaders, operating frequencies, and memory buses. The main advantage of GTX 1660 compared to all previous versions – is 6 GB of video memory. Thanks to this, the system rarely has to use the reserve from RAM, which has a positive impact on frame rates. Onultra graphics GTX 1660 in FullHD gives the following results;

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 83 FPS;
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider – 90 FPS;
  • The Witcher 3 – 61 FPS.

As you can see, GTX 1660 provides a comfortable frame rate in almost all games in recent years at this resolution. In rare cases, turning on anti-aliasing TXAA can lead to slumps up to 50 FPS.

  1. GTX 1660 Ti .

From the budget segment GTX, 1660 Ti can be called the most preferable option. At 30,000 rubles ($410), it offers a performance level comparable to the pre-flagship GTX 1070 model. In practice, this means stable 60 frames per second in FullHD not only in current games but also in most subsequent games. It is a graphics card based on the latest Turing architecture, supports Vulkan 1.0, OpenGL 4.5, and DirectX 12, and has a rather modest power consumption of 130W. A conditional disadvantage can be called 6 GB of video memory, but this is partially compensated by the GDDR6 standard. Models with two fans are very quiet and compact.

As a result, GTX 1660 Ti shows excellent results for 1920×1080:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – 135 FPS;
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 134 FPS;
  • Battlefield 5 – 96 FPS;
  • The Witcher 3 – 97 FPS.

With this graphics card you can easily enjoy all the beauty of game worlds and even with vertical sync enabled. The only problem is games that require a large amount of video memory. In this case, RAM is used, and if it is not enough space on the drive, which ultimately reduces the overall performance.


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