Top 7 Best Affiliate Networks & Programs In India 2021

Affiliate marketing is just love. If you are new to affiliate marketing and looking for the Best Affiliate Programs & networks in India then you are at the right place. I am going to share 7 Awesome Affiliate Networks where you can join and find out many products to promote in 2021.

When we talk about making money online, we mostly compare 2 popular ways: Google AdSense Vs Affiliate Marketing. Well, I had experienced both ways but finally picked Affiliate marketing as my way to earning money online.

There are various benefits of promoting affiliate products and the potential of earning money is also very high compared to Google AdSense. The best part according to me is that you need a little targeted traffic to your website to make a good amount of money from affiliate marketing. But you need a ton of traffic to your website to make money from Google AdSense.

E.g. you can check out my Black Friday Affiliate Marketing Case study where we made $7500 in just 4 days with Affiliate Marketing. Just check out how much traffic we receive during Black Friday Sale.

Anyway, let me share the list of some of the Top 7 Best Affiliate Networks In India 2020 for bloggers.

Top 7 Affiliate Programs & Network in India 2020

Affiliate marketing trends are growing in India as people found a very good way to generate passive income online. You just need a website and need to write content on the products, if someone buys using your link then you will make money.

Here is the list of the most popular Best Indian Affiliate Networks and Programs.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is the #1 on this list of affiliate marketing programs in India. In fact in this list, I have included only this program as a single affiliate network and the remaining all are affiliate networks where you will find many products in one place to promote.

Amazon affiliate is getting huge popularity and most bloggers create Amazon review website and make money easily. Here is a snapshot of my income from an Amazon Affiliate website.

amazon affiliate earning proof
Amazon Affiliate Program Review Income Report 2020

Amazon has dominated Indian e-commerce single-handedly ever since its launch here in June 2013. This is a vast marketplace that offers all kinds of products in multiple categories along with its home-grown products like Amazon Prime Video, Kindle, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc.

Right now, the highest payout that you can earn via Amazon India is 9.40% per sale on men’s apparel, whereas you can earn a commission of 7.43% per sale on books. Apart from that, currently, Amazon India is also running a CPI (cost per install) campaign, where you get a decent commission every time a customer installs the Amazon Android app via your website or blog.

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2. ShareASale Affiliate Network

If you are an affiliate marketer, then ShareASale is a must to try an advertising network. Personally, I don’t use Google Adsense for this website and try to monetize my traffic through content marketing. I generally recommend top blogging products I depend upon for my daily blogging need.

Here is a snapshot of my earnings from the ShareASale Affiliate program. I am promoting a lot of products from Shareasale and this is my #1 Best Affiliate Network in India.

shareasale income report
ShareaSale Affiliate Network Review Income Report 2020

ShareASale is a very good affiliate network where a couple of the best WordPress affiliate programs are registered. E.g. WPEngine affiliate program, StudioPress Affiliate Program, etc.

To Apply ShareASale Affiliate Program Now, Click Here.

3. CueLinks Affiliate Network

CueLinks Affiliate Network Review 2020

CueLinks is one of the popular Affiliate networks in India. There is various other such affiliate network where you will find multiple brands at one place. I am going to include them as well in this list.If you join CueLinks program, after approval you can start promoting various Indian Brands and their products. E.g. Flipkart, PayTM, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong and many more. You will find different types of products and you can pick them as per your website niche.

You get all the detailed insights like clicks, EPC, Conversion Rate etc. from all the merchants, on a single dashboard panel. Just install a javascript code and watch all your links (old and new) convert into money-making, affiliated links, without compromising on your SEO rankings.

Click To Sign Up With CueLinks Now.

4. VCommission Affiliate Network

VCommission Affiliate Network Review 2020

vCommission is another very popular Affiliate Network in India. Their process is little different and you need to get approval based on your website traffic. They generally don’t provide approval if your website doesn’t have a decent amount of traffic.

Almost every popular Indian companies are available with VCommission. If you have a finance website and you want to join personal finance products like Credit Card Affiliate program then you will find many amazing collaboration opportunities there.

The network brings CPS, CPI, CPC and CPA offers and helps Affiliates generate more sales due to the expertise. The minimum payout for this site is $100, and they deposit money in their affiliates’ bank accounts on time.

Click To Join VCommission Affiliate Network.

5. Affiliate Network

Impact Affiliate Network Review 2020

This is another my favorite affiliate network where I found various Affiliate programs to promote, mostly hosting & digital products. Few of the popular Indian hosting company affiliate programs like HostGator Affiliate, Bluehost India Affiliate are with now. Other than that you can also promote AppSumo Deals through their affiliate network only.

Impact was founded in 2008 by a team of Internet marketing and technology experts who previously founded Commission Junction, and LeadPoint.

If you want to promote various internal brands through coupon website or deal website then also you can discover many amazing affiliate products to join and promote.

Click To Sign Up With Affiliate Network Now.

6. Avangate Affiliate Network

CueLinks Affiliate Network Review 2020

If you want to create a blog around software products, digital products then Avangate is the best place find hundreds of amazing products with very high commission. Yes, I am big fan of Avangate Affiliate Network and few of my favorite products are SEO Powersuite, Anti Virus category, Video Converter etc.

Avangate was born in 2006 from the need of selling software products globally. They became a digital commerce leader on the international market for digital goods, enabling software companies to accelerate online sales through any channel, any model, and any market.

At the moment, the Avangate Affiliate Program covers download portals, review websites, discount websites, bloggers, and compare websites.

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7. OptimiseMedia Affiliate Network

OptimiseMedia Affiliate Network Review 2020

This is another popular and one of the oldest India Affiliate Network for bloggers & affiliate marketers. Earlier they were popular as OMG India Publisher and now they have re-branded them as OptimiseMedia.

You will find a lot of Affiliates, Mobile, and Reward Solutions to brands all across the globe and affiliates get lots of CPA, CPS and mobile offer to promote. E.g. PayTM, Microsoft, Expedia, Samsung, Amazon etc.

You can easily join their program and wait for approval. As soon as you get the approval you can pick the products as per your country & blog niche and promote them accordingly. Make sure to target good topics so that you can easily blend the products wherever the fit perfectly.

Click To Join OptimiseMedia Affiliate Now.

Let’s Wrap Up

There are various other popular Affiliate Networks where you will find many products to promote. But as a beginner you can start with any one of the networks , start promoting 1-2 products and learn the process. Don’t just start promoting 100+ products at the same time as you will waste your time and money without getting anything.

If you can learn how to promote a single product and earn money from that, then gradually you can add more products in your bucket and increase your affiliate product easily. So, I hope you will find this list of Best Affiliate Networks & Programs in India 2020 useful. Feel free to share your feedback by writing a comment below.

Best Affiliate Programs & Network In India

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