Top FREE Ping Submission Sites List 2020 – Boost Crawling Newly Link

What is ping submission in SEO?

Ping Submission is the off page SEO process that tell search engine about newly created back link, blog post and website post. This process helps in crawling and indexing of your newly created backlink. It is very simple process, you have to submit your blog here and these sites start their work.

Today, everyone runs in the race of making online presence as a form of website on the web. But, only establishing an online presence is not so enough these days, because this era is a highly competitive era and everyone is looking make their online presence strong and emphatic which can make them popular in the internet world.

This is the reason that people use search engine optimization techniques to make online profile more attractive and appealing. And search engine optimization is the best way to promote your brand or company globally.

How Ping Submission help in crawling newly created back link and blog post

In the search engine optimization, ping submission is the most likable and useful technique which can help to make your business popular everywhere. Ping Submission is the task of SEO which helps to get blog, website and backlinks, indexed by renowned search engines on the web.

The renowned and popular search engines are like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. With the only ping submission off page activity, you can get your own website, blog and backlinks crawled by Search Engines, Web Directories, Feed Websites, Aggregators, News Websites and more.

The ping submission is the easiest and fastest way to crawl your online presence on the different social media platforms.

How Can You Ping?

The ping submission activity is a highly demanding activity which can be done by ping submission sites on the web. There are so many free ping submission sites available in the world of internet.

These sites give you facility to submit your website, blog and backlinks with their keywords on the search engines and web directories.

This can be possible by adding the URLs of your blog, website and backlinks for the ping submission sites and these will give you exposure to expand your business everywhere in the world.

These are working as a giant platform of social media sites where you can share your website or blog urls and promote your online presence simply.

Ping submission task bring lots of benefits to your site and make your online profile strong and attractive among the visitors. Every digital marketing experts aware with the benefits of ping submission sites and hence they mostly prefer to use ping submission sites during the off page search engine optimization activity.

But, still there are so many new users available in the digital marketing field that is not so aware with the benefits of ping submission sites. Today, we like to aware you the benefits of ping submission sites.

See Below the Benefits of Ping Submission Sites

  • These sites give you the opportunity to do fast indexing of your blog, backlinks and websites by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • These sites help you to increase the search engine rankings by listing your backlinks.
  • You can raise the visibility of your website or blog by higher search engine rankings.
  • You can raise the organic traffic to your blog or website through the help of these sites.
  • You can reach closer to your viewers and make a strong connection with potential customers.

All these points show the benefits of using these sites. So, now will be aware with the benefits of these sites and you also feel the confidence to perform on the ping submission sites and hope you will get top class results from these sites to get huge popularity for your online presence.

Promoting online presence is easy with the ping submission. But, there are so many folks available in the digital marketing industry, which are not aware of the method of using ping submission sites.

And hence they stay away from the benefits of ping submission task during the search engine optimization process. Hence, today we show you the exact ways of using these sites, which will give you an idea to use these sites and make you aware with the actual process of ping submission task.

How to Use Ping Submission Sites

  • Firstly, you have to search the high page rank ping submission sites on the search engines.
  • Select the each site one by one to perform the ping submission task.
  • Signup in the sites by providing basic information like name, email id and other details and make your account.
  • Now, click to the ping submission and a form appears on the site which contains blog name, URL and other details.
  • Fill complete details in the form properly.
  • Now, turn to the final step and click on the ping button.

 Top 10 Free  Ping submission website 2020


All these steps give you correct guidance to perform ping submission task easily. Any user can perform the ping submission task with the help of the above steps. But, you have to take proper care during the process and always fill the correct information in the registration form.

If you fill any wrong detail in the form, so it gives bad impact on your online profile. This is the reason that always fills genuine information in the registration form and fills the correct URL in the ping submission form. If you fill the wrong URL of your website or blog in the ping submission forms, so it will ruin the image of your website or blog.

So, if you are new to the digital world and thinking to perform ping submission task with the help of ping submission sites, so you can perform this off page SEO activity easily.

This is the simple and fast way to promote your blog, website and backlinks in the search engines and other social media platforms. Whenever, you want to perform this task, you should read this article and know the steps of using ping submission sites and relevant benefits which can help you to perform in an easy and speedy way.

And once you start working on these sites, so you will get huge benefits from these and easily promote your websites and blogs on the major search engines.

These sites give you the opportunity to stand globally in front of other competitors and potential customers and also give you a unique identity to your website or blog. So, whenever you want to promote your site or blog, use these ping submission sites and promote your online presence globally.

Free Pinging Submission sites List 2020 –  Crawl Fast Newly Created Link

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Free Ping Submission Sites List 2020

Ping Submission FAQ

Below are some FAQ that can be useful for you to understand ping submission in detail.

Does Ping submission help to index your Backlinks quickly

Yes, I can make sure that ping submission is one of the effective seo techniue that work fine to index your post, page and backlink quickly. Ping submission is a easy technique in implement, You need to submit your created backlink and post on top ping submission sites.

These sites tell to Search engine about newly created backlink and post. So whenever, you add new blog post on your website and create the backlinks, don’t forget to submit them on ping submission sites. I have added the list of top ping submission sites that you can find in starting of post.


Hi Guys, I think you have reviewed all ping site to get crawl your Link and blog post. you feel free to contact me if you have any question regarding Pinging submission. please share and comment on this post if you seem i have offered you quality information.


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