Trends Shaping the Future of Events and Invitations and How You Can Align with It

Starters in the event industry seem to blink on the question of what it means to be a part of this industry in 2020. Events are rapidly evolving and growing. Each of them is a kind of experiment when it comes to applying brand new ways to get hold of the right formula.

To succeed, the event organizers need to be highly dynamic. They need to be flexible, and above everything else, they need to be in perfect tune with the trends shaping the future of events and invitations.

Of course, trends are transforming the industry for events and invitations. They are the latest ideas that have changed the way businesses plan events and execute the same. It’s fun to speculate on what the near future of events and invitations might look like.

The catch here is you have an event or a business to run, and there’s no time for you to get involved in chit-chat. There is this exciting world of scopes opening up for the event organizers and planners. Here, we will be having a look at the most exciting emerging trends in event and invitations:

This is the time when brands are investing in events to serve as marketing channels. Recent studies have pointed out that approximately 52% of the brands are of the view that event marketing brought in more value in comparison to the other marketing options.

By the way, why is it so? That’s because people are more prone to their screens now. Face to face time is what they are in the lookout of. As an event planner or organizer, you can align this trend by creating sufficient scopes of networking and spaces for in-person meetings.

You can make the best use of a video editor for organizing face to face meetings and events that the attendees generally crave for. Creating collision spaces, along with spaces for private meetings, encourages interaction.

Yet another hot trend in the industry for events and invitations is using technology for creating social experiences. People are watching videos together while staying miles apart. They are even competing on different video games from hundreds of miles away.

This has some excellent implications for the event attendees and the ones following the event at home. People can easily be linked up online to create stronger connections. For instance, you can use live 360-degree videos for connecting the remote audiences.

If you do not know how to create a video, there’s nothing you worry about as there are different software programs that can help you do so. Event planners also have the option of creating content that can be shared on different channels.

YouTubers generally earn by commenting on videos. These commentaries serve as additional content, which further helps attendees enjoy the event or the video. Event organizers can use the services of industry influencers to get good commentaries on their events.

Event attendees are now looking for more control over event agendas. Perhaps, it would not be wrong to say that audiences want the events to be highly personalized. Personalization can easily be achieved by making personas based on attendee data.

However, the problem is with data collection, which has become all the more sophisticated in these present times. There is this acute requirement of more tools and data for making events move away from personas to complete personalization.

Aligning with this trend is easy by empowering the attendees to tweak events, so they meet their requirements. Event planners should work on delivering experiences that resonate at both collective and individual levels.

This can well be achieved with the use of an invitation maker for creating personalized invitations. Invitations are the first step towards deciding the popularity of an event. Personalizing them can bring fruitful results. Live polling applications and silent conferences are also a good idea.

According to studies conducted by app developers, approximately 68% are o the view that there is this growing demand for event app. With an increase in the demand for event apps, there is also an increase in the price of these apps.

This is probably an interesting trend as more and more businesses are moving to the use of event apps for grabbing the attention of the prospective attendees. Further, this has increased the demand for apps and improved the market for the same.

Are you into event planning? But you are not sure about using event apps? Thinking whether they will deliver value and quality or not? Then you must know that several experts choose apps for the success of their events.

Events serve as the ideal stage for showcasing a brand and its products and services. As the present is an era of hi-tech apps and software programs, you can make the attendees go wow using the latest technology.

Technology will be your partner in creating truly personalized and exclusive experiences. This does not just stop at having free Wi-Fi. It’s not the only add-on. It is just an expectation! You can turn to real-time social media on-screen integrations, event apps featuring workshop and presentation schedules, and on-demand videos and webcasts to surprise and delight the attendees.

Attendees of modern times look for engaging and interactive events, where they have some say and events where they can learn something. Thus, planners and organizers need to work on making their events more engagement-focused.

Well, this can be achieved by incorporating the polling element in the events. Polling is one interactive and easy way to engage the attendees during sessions. It also helps them in sharing their opinions and thoughts in anonymity.

Like all the other things in this digital era, invitations and events are also changing at a very fast pace. With VR or virtual reality going mainstream, highly advanced technology and the incorporation of videos in different forms have become integral to almost all the aspects of invitations and events.

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