Updated List of the Best Free SERP Checker Tools for 2020

Have you been hearing more and more about SERP checker tools over the last few months? But for some reason, you are unable to find the best ones that will fit in with your needs?

If that’s you, rest assured we’ve reviewed the top tools that will help you improve your website and bring more visitors over.

Our observations show us that if you are new to understanding the world of SERP rankings, you may find it challenging to get started. For starters, there are so many tools out there that you are left scratching your head, wondering which is best for you. 

Instead of feeling a sense of analysis paralysis, it’s best to look into what a SERP checker does. This will drive you to learn more and essentially gain valuable knowledge in using this tool in your business. 

A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Free SERP Checker Tools in 2020

We urge you to research as many SERP checker tools as possible instead of simply opting for ones priced at the premium range, since these are the first that show up when searching. To help you, we’ve also tried to maintain a balanced view and list free tools which you can get started with.

In this list, we will share the best free SERP checker tools for 2020 to help your rankings in the search engines. Let’s start by looking at what a SERP is and why a SERP checker is vital for your business.

What are SERPs?

There are so many acronyms these days, so let’s take a moment to define this one. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. Naturally, it is the list of results from a search you perform on Google. For example, if you were looking up the term “SERP Checker,” then Google crawls the world wide web for the best websites, videos, podcasts, and more to bring you the best content that will suit your needs. Every marketer and business owner aims to get to the top of the search results, but this is easier said than done. Even seasoned SEO analysts find it takes time and effort. This often pays off as the initiative to get to the top of results is a worthy goal. After work has been done to improve SERP results, then as a business owner, you must still utilize a good SERP checker to see if your actions have provided results for the target keywords. Now that you know about SERPs let’s understand the importance of SERP checks. 

Importance of SERP checks

The aim of using a SERP checker is to apply a systematic process of looking at the top-ranking sites on Google and then finding out where your website places in the search engines. The start point is the search engine results page. You then use SEO to improve your position on Google and use the SERPs to guide you.

Here are the key factors why the SERP results are vital:

  • You can troubleshoot your SEO by looking at the SERP ranks and see what is helping and what is not.
  • Using data and research, you can review your content and model that of the top sites on the SERPs. 
  • Results from your SERP checker will give you keen insights as to why other sites outrank you.
  • It helps you pick the best keywords that will suit your audience and niche. 

Understanding the importance of SERP checkers are useful, yet it’s also crucial to know how Google ranks sites. 

How Google Ranks Websites and Blogs 

You know that you get to see the SERPs after you do a keyword search on google, but what causes google to show you the sites in that order? At present, there is so much content online; finding the right information may prove to be a challenging task. It would take you years to find the best material that suits your needs; that’s why Google does it for you. Google and other search engines’ primary role is to look through the billions of pages online and bring you content that is relevant and useful as quickly as possible. More importantly, it should provide content that is suitable to meet your query. 

That’s where the algorithm comes in, where it has to use a formula and a series of algorithms. These are programmed to look at your keyword, then test for the most reputable sources, related to your location and relevant to what you asked. 

Each criterion has varied ranking factors, whereas the user you would always want the most recent content that is served up to you. Overall, Google and other search engines are most concerned about their user experience and will bring up organic and paid content accordingly. It’s your role then to ensure that your content matches up to Google needs using a SERP checker as an investigative tool when doing SEO. Let’s get started on the SERP checkers than can help you. 

SERP Checker

This is one of the most popular SERP checker tools available to you. On SERP Checker You can quickly review your SERP results with a few minutes, and it will bring up all of the Google results for a varied number of keywords. The only criteria it uses is that your website ranks from 0-100 on Google. You can use it to check out your website or your keywords. It does give you limits only to check ten keywords daily, but you can bypass that by registering for a free account. The best part is that it takes about 1 minute or less to sign up and get started. Also, keep in mind that it is focussed primarily on Google and not others like Bing.


  • Free SERP Results tracking with minimal hassle
  • Sign up and get unlimited checks of keywords and SERP results
  • Speedy process, and has minimal wait times to get your rankings to you. 
  • Keep in mind that you will only get a sense of your Google ranking with this SERP checker tool.

What’s my SERP

WhatsMySerp is also a free SERP checker tool that gives you access to the top 100 Google results. You can even use it for a wide variety of keywords and check out your website rank. This free tool is available online. Keep in mind that search engine marketers built this tool, so they have aimed to include as many helpful features. They also understand that mobile SERPs are different from desktop SERPs. They’ve integrated results for mobile and desktop in the checker tool


  • It’s a free SERP checker tool and has powerful features when using this version.
  • You may opt to get a free account to understand the value of unlimited checks
  • No unnecessary trials or credit card needed
  • Integrates and gives you SERPs for desktop and mobile
  • Designed by internet marketers who have experience with SEO


This is arguably one of the fastest and most accurate SERP checkers in the world as rated by the designers. It could mean that AccuRanker has a host of powerful features that contribute towards helping users improve the SERPs. This tool is simple and organized, which makes your job a little easier. Mostly it is streamlined to suit the average internet marketer or SEO analyst’s needs. Once you start using the tool, you can expect that all the results and rankings get presented in the most streamlined way. It does, of course, support multiple keyword racking, and if you have many sites, you can also manage them here. It’s also a visual SERP checker and will present data in graphs and charts from the keywords. Even the bonus shows that it will show you the progression of the keywords you’re tracking.


  • Competitor SERP checker also available in the tool
  • You get a bonus social media tracker
  • Free live SERP checker where you can generate keyword ranks from anywhere.
  • It only gives you five searches daily without a subscription.
  • You can also upgrade to access more advanced features, which will give you unlimited searches.

SERP Robot

SERP checkers like SERP Robot help you as you aim to improve your ranking and do better than your competitors. This free tool will quickly gauge your place in the search engines and find out who is sitting at the top spot. The results are accurate and structured, and you will get a real-time list showing your SERPs when you run this SERP checker. 

You can also check out how your competitors are doing and understand their results for free with access to thousands of useful keywords. You can check ranking between 0-100, and as with most free SERP checkers, it will merely show you “above 100”.


  • You can cross-check your SERP results for free
  • This SERP checker will let you test your SERPs for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Accurate results, and it does use real-time information for Google and other search engines.
  • Track your competitors with the SERP checker and understand what they are doing, so you can model this and do better.

Final Thoughts on Picking the Right Serp Checker

These are the absolute best SERP checker tools out that will undoubtedly make your life easier in 2020. 

Many have a broad scope of features, and some can be accessed via a login. You may have been in the dark about SERP Checkers before, but with a little background knowledge, this list will provide you the best free SERP checker tools to get started. 

Most are useful and can be a helpful addition to your digital marketing kit. Overall, review the list and try and few see which of the SERP checker tools work for you.

If you enjoyed reading this blog post of the SERP checker tools that will help you website rank better, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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