Vyper.io Review – Highly Versatile Viral Marketing Tool (2021 Edition)

Are you looking for a surefire way to grow your business fast?

Social media giveaways are a sure bet. Brands have generated tons of high-quality leads by carrying out social media giveaways exceptionally well. The good news is the simplicity of this concept.

Select the prizes, have people participate in the viral contests using their email addresses, then pick the winner randomly.

Type Viral Marketing Tool
Starting price $49/mo
Free trial Available
Features Social proof
Single and double opt-in signups
Pixel tracking
Cheater and bot settings
Landing pages and templates
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Luckily, all these functions are automated. All you need is the right contest software and you’re good to go.

A great giveaway software solution helps you accept participants of your giveaways and create an email list, direct the users to your site, make referrals possible, enable bonus actions, and randomly select a winner.

Today, we’ll have a look at one of my favorite giveaway platforms. Vyper.io.

What is Vyper.io?

 Vyper.io review

It is one of the simplest yet the most effective software for social media giveaways, viral contests, referral programs, and other numerous promotions.

VYPER gives you access to a library of templates that allow you to custom your social media viral campaigns to suit your brand.

With gamification being the in thing in terms of audience engagement, Vyper.io has taken it to the next level. It’s not only a design powerhouse but also highly interactive with various audience incentive ideas. You are able to fast track the increase of your leads, followers, and boost engagement.

For any business that values social media campaigns, VYPER is the go-to platform. From marketing agencies to solopreneurs and influencers, it’s an excellent solution.

What do we like about Vyper.io?

  • Thanks to its design editor, VYPER makes it easy to create campaigns fast. Anyone that regularly designs viral contests would appreciate this making it a great solution for marketers.
  • The ready-to-go templates help you save time, boost engagement, and simplify the process for newbies and non-tech savvy users.
  • It allows customization of landing pages ensuring brand consistency and creation of high-converting landing pages.
  • It allows Google Analytics and Pixel tracking to measure the success and track your campaign effectiveness. You are able to monitor the traffic, bounce rate, revenue, and even ROI, of every campaign.
  • It allows you to carry out various campaigns that ultimately boost your sales. You have the option of creating referral marketing campaigns, increasing your brand reach. Loyalty programs increasing customer giveaways, pre-launch campaigns that create hype for your product launches, and viral giveaway campaigns increasing engagement and your email list.
  • It is a simple, affordable all-in-one marketing solution as you can integrate email marketing and social media. Vyper will send automated emails for your viral campaigns and contests.

What we don’t like about Vyper.io?

  • You are not able to carry out other social media marketing aspects like scheduling posts. It was mainly developed for giveaways, contests, referral campaigns, reward/loyalty programs.
  • Unless you pay up for the Enterprise Plan, you’ll have the VYPER branding on your contest and giveaway landing pages.
  • They got rid of the free plan, now you have to pay up to run a campaign. But they rolled in a $35 plan for 10K participants and $10K revenue tracking.

Vyper.io features reviewed

Visual editor

Honestly, I find the visual editor to be the most outstanding feature on Vyper. You are able to do absolutely everything you dream about on the visual editor design interface.

The interface allows you to custom your campaigns for brand consistency. You can change the font, color, headers, etc.

You are able to create landing pages, thank you pages, and embedded forms that convert. The interface is easy to use with a WYSIWYG visual designer.

visual editor of vyper io

Plus it lets you use ready-made templates making it easy to stick to your brand guidelines and aesthetics.

Design and customization

The best thing about Vyper is that they have quite a wide range of design options needed to successfully run your promotion and contest campaigns.

Vyper.io design and customization

The in-built templates ensure you don’t spend hours building your campaigns from scratch. All you need to do is enter all the brand and campaign-specific details and VYPER does everything else for you.

They have templates that cover all the aspects of your campaigns from launch, promotion, to winner announcement templates. All templates are desktop and mobile responsive so you don’t have to worry about that. And the loading times are excellent.

Thanks to their in-depth design editor, they offer heavy customization options for branding purposes. You can customize the sign-up fields, giveaway offers, images, embedded videos, buttons, coupon codes, etc.

Countdown timer including for the contest

If you want to add urgency to your giveaway or contest, you’ve got a countdown feature for that. You are also able to add a captcha ensuring that you only have real people participating not robots.

Vyper giveaway contest

With VYPER, you are able to turn one giveaway template into a landing page, interactive popup widget, or an embedded form. In addition, the techy or nerdy types who want to use code are also taken care of. But this is only accessible with the Pro/ Enterprise plans.

Landing pages and templates

Nothing can replace a landing page that doesn’t convert. Even with the best targeting, ads, or sales funnels. You need a highly converting landing page if you want to grow your business.

With VYPER, it’s not just hype, you get to create powerful high-converting landing pages in 10 minutes or less. The landing page builder has pre-built templates that allow customization of the landing page according to your preference and branding.

Vyper various campaign templates

Then you can leverage the power of your existing social followers by promoting your page on your social networks and mailing list. You can also add social buttons to increase the social sharing of your page.

The gamification power of VYPER allows you to incentivize every participant to participate in the custom-defined actions. More interactions mean more actions ultimately increasing your sales conversions.

To increase conversion rate, VYPER landing pages allow customer activity tracking so you can update your email list once they hit a certain milestone. This motivates them to share your campaigns.

Types of campaigns created by VYPER

Now let’s get into the details of the campaigns VYPER will help you nail.

Viral Contests or Giveaways

With the social media contest feature, you can create viral giveaway/content campaigns that help you increase followers, build your email list, and generate leads. You get to set various CTAs for your audience. It can follow, comment, tag a friend, or like a particular post in order to win a prize.

viral contests or giveaways

I love that the engagement level of contests is always high. People love good competition and freebies. It is a tried and tested method of increasing brand visibility and reach.

User-Generated Content Campaign

With this, you get to know your fans. User-generated content involves engaging your audience to generate content for your business/ company. It can be a product review, testimonial, and so much more.

In exchange, you can give them a shoutout or a branded gift.

Referral Program and Combo Reward

This feature allows you to reward your customers for either purchasing from you or referring their friends and family. It’s an effective way to create a loyal customer base.

With referral tracking, you get to know who to target in your marketing campaigns. You give your customers personalized interactions improving your relationship.

Reward or Loyalty Program

This feature comes in handy when you want to convert customers into brand loyalists. You get to reward customers using a structured marketing strategy for their continued engagement.

When done well, it gives you a competitive edge over the competition. You get customer retention and free brand ambassadors.

Pre-Launch or Waitlist Campaign

Do you want to create some hype about a product before launch day?

Well, this is one of the most effective ways to carry out product launches. You get to have people interested in your brand and join a waiting list before it’s launched. Giants like Samsung and Apple run these campaigns before they launch a new phone model.

Ask Foundr Magazine. They used VYPER to generate pre-launch hype for an entrepreneurship course and their email list grew by 13K in only 10 days. Mind-blowing, right?

Milestone Contest

I have found this to be an active way to incentivize contest participants to take action. You give points to participants depending on the contest actions they take. The points accumulate and users can redeem them as rewards.

It’s a user-friendly way of pushing your audience to engage with your brand and thanks to gamification, they have fun while at it.

New actions for Vyper campaigns

VYPER uses API to verify the bonus actions taken by the contestants so as to earn points.


Vyper leaderboard

Everyone loves a good competition. It’s very similar to a Milestone Contest only that it’s all about getting to the top.

Gamification encourages them to take more contest actions, unlock one level to the next so as to get better rewards. It comes in handy if you want to increase your social following, brand awareness, and reach.

Setting up a campaign – Walkthrough

One of the things I love most about VYPER is its ease of use.

This is how you can create and launch a campaign.

  • Create a free account.
  • Click on the ‘new campaign’ tab.
  • Select the type of campaign you want to create in our case it’s the Viral Contest/ Giveaway.
  • Pick the template provided for your campaign.
Pick the template provided for your campaign.
  • You’ll see an editable template open on your display and enter the campaign details and messaging for your campaign.
  • Then click anywhere on the VYPER app to open the visual editor. This is where you’ll do customization in terms of color, font, and any other branding needs.
Design editor
  • Once you’re done with the sign-up template, go to the thank you tab.
  • Add or delete bonus actions in this tab. Bonus actions include anything you want the participants to do so as to earn more points/ win.
Adding bonus actions
  • You also add all the relevant reward and giveaway details here.
Adding the rewards
  • When you’re done, move to the next tab, settings. Modify all your campaign settings from pixel tracking to email integration options, email settings, cheater security, social proof, favicon, etc.
Campaign settings
  • Once you’re finished, save the campaign.
  • Open the launch tab, ensure everything is set and ready for the launch.
Launch checklist
  • That’s it! You’re now ready to fly.

Other features

Cheater and bot settings to avoid cheating contestants

Cheater analysis

VYPER has an inbuilt cheating algorithm that helps you detect cheaters and prevents them from winning. It generates a ‘cheater score’ that will show you the errant referrals, and quality leads to help you know who to remove from your contest.

Cheater security settings

They actually claim to have “One of the most advanced cheating detection systems for contest software out there.” I will let time prove this.

Pixel tracking

Facebook pixel tracking

I love this feature as it allows you to do conversion tracking. You get to see the behavior of all your visitors on your landing page/ contest. You can use this data for email marketing and retargeting campaigns.

It helps with customer segmentation enabling you to give each customer personalized and relevant information at the right time.

The only bummer is that you can only access this feature with the Enterprise or Agency plans.

Single and double opt-in signups

Signup forms

You get the option to either choose single/ double opt-in for your signups. Double opt-in is better because it improves the quality of your leads. Your signups get to confirm their email addresses before they earn points. It’s also a great way to reduce cheating as you get to test the validity of the email.

Timers in contest pages

Adding timers in contest pages

Do you want to create a sense of urgency for your contest?


VYPER provides countdown timers for visitors to see that time is running out. It generates a feeling of FOMO as no one likes to be left out of a good deal.

This feature can be used to increase sales as shoppers see they have limited time to make a purchase.

Social proof

word image

This feature is used to show the recent signups on the registration page. It’s the go-to feature for creating the bandwagon effect.

Another FOMO effect.

Most people engage if other people are doing it as well. For instance, if 10K people have bought the book and loved it, the wisdom of the crowd says you’ll love it too.

Hosting options

You can host your registration page on VYPER or embed VYPER as a widget or a form on your own site. But only with the Enterprise or Agency plans can you remove the VYPER branding from your contests or giveaway landing pages.

Email marketing

VYPER isn’t equipped to be a fully functioning email marketing platform. But it has built-in gamification functionality that automatically emails the contest participants. It sends follow-up emails on the actions participants take, milestone reach, and reminds them of any action they haven’t completed.

To send an email blast with VYPER, you need to set up SMTP first. You’ll find this on the launch tab under the email broadcasts option. Alternatively, you can export the email list to your ESP for them to handle the sending of emails for you.

Vyper email boradcasts

However, if you want a full-blown email marketing tool, VYPER allows email integration with Mailchimp all-in-one platform, ConvertKit, Drip, Klaviyo, Sendy, and Aweber.

These tools are marketing automation leaders so you’re able to handle campaign segmentation and automation like a boss.

Analytics and reporting

With VYPER, each of the contests you create has analytics and a viral scoring system. You’ll find this in the setting tab under tracking codes & pixels options.

Here, you get the option to add Google Analytics codes or Facebook Pixels codes. Once you have added them to VYPER, you get access to all the necessary data needed to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Vyper campaign creation

You get to see the traffic, page views, bounce rate, referral tracking, and so much more. You’re also able to track your revenue and calculate your ROI.


Currently, VYPER offers only three pricing plans. The Pro ($ 49/ month), Enterprise, and Agency plans. It is so sad to see the free and pro plan go but they have promised to work on something ASAP.

They have a $35 per month for 10K contest participants and $10K revenue tracking. This plan hasn’t been named yet but the good thing is that if you don’t reach the set limit, your mileage rolls over to the next month until reaching the limit.

Vyper pricing

They allow you to sign up and test their features for free but once you activate your campaign, you have to pay up.


When it comes to native integration options, VYPER has a handful of them. You get several email integrations and webhooks. VYPER supports one webhook for each campaign and you only have access to this feature if you’re on the paid plans.

Vyper integrations

Image source VYPER

The good thing is they have Zapier which opens doors to other multiple integrations that you might need.


Vyper.io vs KingSumo

KingSumo is another powerful social media giveaway platform that’s very similar to VYPER. It allows you to easily create your giveaway contests, set start and end dates, and customize your landing pages to match your brand style. However, their WordPress Integration is their number one strength.

They have a WordPress plugin that allows for in-depth integration with your site. It helps direct more traffic to your website as users have to come to your site to enter the contest. And the good news, the plugin works with non-WordPress sites.


With KingSumo you get to choose whether you want to use the WordPress plugin or their own web-based app.

It’s an affordable tool compared to VYPER as with a one-off payment of $49 you are good to go. They also offer you a forever free plan.

I got to say that VYPER offers more features and campaign options compared to KingSumo. You won’t create referral programs and loyalty programs with KingSumo.

Vyper.io vs Gleam

There is so much noise about Gleam thanks to YouTubers, big brands, and social media influencers.

It is a pricy app that’s popularly used by musicians to get more people to play their songs, big eCommerce stores to increase traffic, and YouTubers to get more people to watch their videos.


The Gleam platform is made up of four applications – email list creation app, instant rewards app, social gallery creation app, and viral contest app. It also comes with numerous templates to create your viral contests.

Just like VYPER, you can create referral, reward, and loyalty programs. And unlike VYPER, you can create multilingual contests. The prices start at $97 per month so if you want to run campaigns regularly it can be quite pricey.

Vyper.io vs Viral Loops

Viral Loops is another viral giveaways and referral marketing platform that’s very similar to VYPER. It’ll help you create contests, pre-launch programs, sweepstakes, reward/ referral programs.

Viral Loops

The one thing in which they do better than VYPER is eCommerce integration. Any eCommerce store owner can leverage their Shopify native integration to run their customer engagement campaign.

They also allow you to create giveaways from your website. The only bummer is the limited customization option. The prices start at $34 per month and go all the way to $208/ month.


Now that we’re done with this VYPER Review, it’s time to make a decision.

The fact remains that VYPER is very user-friendly, the prices are competitive, and it’s so effective for social media promotions and continuous giveaways. Any influencer, agency, small business, and even online entrepreneur can use it. And you don’t even need a website to get started.

Use VYPER if:

  • You want to create viral campaigns fast. The in-built templates save you time, boost engagement, and simplify the process.
  • You want Google Analytics and Pixel tracking to measure the success and track your campaign effectiveness.
  • You want to carry out various types of viral campaigns that ultimately boost your sales. VYPER lets you create referral marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, pre-launch campaigns, and viral giveaway campaigns.
  • You want to integrate email marketing and social media. Vyper enables you to send automated emails for your viral campaigns and contests.

Looking at VYPER competitors;

  • Go for KingSumo if all you need is a social media viral giveaway platform with a robust WordPress integration.
  • Opt for Gleam if you want the VYPER raw power and flexibility coupled with a multilingual capability. If you have the Mulla, Gleam is worth every penny.
  • Go for Viral Loops if you have a Shopify store. They have in-depth integration with Shopify so you’ll get the most out of your eCommerce campaigns.

What are you waiting for?

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