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Simple: blogging is all about generously helping people through the blogging medium.

Blogs are service portals. Help people. Render service.

How does success unfold? Like, how do folks make money online and circle the globe as professional bloggers? Pro bloggers help people generously through their blogs for many thousands of hours spanning years. Pros monetize their blogs through multiple income streams. Pros befriend other bloggers in their niche, bonding with successful bloggers. Eventually, trusting in the process and knowing blogging success is theirs, enough money flows in to allow a blogger to become a professional blogger.

Does this sound simple? It is. Create. Connect. Open multiple streams of income. Work for thousands of hours. Go pro.

But simple does not mean comfortable or easy. Simple often gets incredibly scary because you need to face a minefield of fears along the blogging journey. No one succeeds unless bloggers face, feel and release deep fears along the way. Of course, most bloggers duck fear. But avoiding fear guarantees your blogging failure because all success that you want sits smack dab on the other side of fear. So in essence, blogging IS super simple but highly uncomfortable. Few bloggers succeed because few bloggers do uncomfortable but success-promoting things.

For example, I promoted my blogging audio course to the tune of 8000 page views before someone bought a copy. Doing so felt uncomfortable because I doubted myself, fell frustrated and all but wanted to give up on the course. Did I publish crap? Did I not hit the mark? Why did people not buy it? What happened? Feeling these fears and wading through these doubts seemed like mental torture. But I had to feel these fears to:

  • believe in self
  • believe in my course
  • get clear on the course
  • sell more copies

Someone bought the course after 8000 page views, loved the course and promoted it to their following. More folks purchased it from there. But THIS is what blogging is about; generously helping people, bonding with folks, opening multiple streams of income, then riding out uncomfortable, frustrating patches, during which you face deep fears and self-doubts, until the money flows in persistently.

Create Content

Create helpful content for your targeted reader. Serve this individual. Build your blogging following by being a specialist. Generous bloggers gain skills, exposure and credibility enough to position themselves to go pro.

Connect with Pros

Help top bloggers in your niche. Promote them on your blog and through social media. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Ask for nothing in return. Earn their trust. Befriend pros. Pro bloggers open prospering doors for you by promoting you, endorsing you and teaching you to blog the right way.

Monetize through Multiple Income Channels

Open multiple streams of income. Align each stream with your blogging niche. Work streams you have fun working. Be patient. Promote yourself persistently. Slowly but surely, blogging income flows your way. But only after you create, connect and self-promote for hundreds to thousands of hours.

Blogging Is Fun Service

Blogging is about having fun helping people. Falling in love with helping folks energizes you for a long, freeing, but sometimes challenging blogging journey. Stick to the fundamentals. Blogging is never complex, always simple. Knife through challenging times by keeping things simple. Create. Connect. Monetize and self-promote. That is it. That is blogging, in a nut shell. The more you keep things simple, the more you persist. The more you persist, the more you lay the framework for a professional blogging campaign.

Stick to the basics.

Go pro over the long haul.


Do you need help connecting with pro bloggers in your niche? I know the process feels daunting at times. Even intimidating. I feared reaching out to pros who seemed about 50 levels higher than me. I eventually figured out how to befriend pro bloggers. Yep; there’s an art to it.

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