What is Google’s Link Spam Upgrade?

The Google link spam fix, which began a little over four weeks ago, has now been fully implemented. Danny Sullivan said via the Google Search Liaison account, “The link spam fix is now complete.” Why did it take so long? This upgrade was supposed to trickle out over the next two weeks, according to Google. However, as you can see, it took an additional two weeks to finish, bringing the total time to four weeks. Why did it take such a long time? Google didn’t specify, but I’m guessing things got a little stuck and the deployment struck some unanticipated roadblocks.

The original press release. “As part of our ongoing work to improve the quality of search results, we’re implementing a new link spam-fighting improvement called the link spam update’ today. This algorithm update, which will be rolled out over the following two weeks, is much better at detecting and eliminating link spam across many languages. “As those links are re-assessed by our algorithms, sites that participate in link spam will notice changes in Search,” Google warned. Link spam is being eliminated. As you can see, Google used the phrase “nullifying” here, which does not necessarily mean “penalize,” but rather “ignore” or “do not count.” Google’s efforts to combat link spam have been largely ineffective.

Source – Search Engine Roundtable

“Site owners should ensure that they are following best practices of SEO Services on connections, both inbound and outgoing,” Google added. When compared to manipulating links, focusing on providing high-quality content and improving user experience always wins. Use correctly marked links to raise the exposure of your site, and properly tagged affiliate links to monetize it.”

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