What Is the Right and Wrong Way to Do Blog Challenges?

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Blog challenges seem to be the rave every few months. The 30 day in particular feels pretty dang popular to bloggers. For good reason. Beginning fresh, cleaning the slate and diving in to a challenge feels good for the mind and refreshing for your blogging body, too.


Doesn’t it just feel good to start anew? We all agree; yep, it does.


But blog challenges often damage blogging campaigns. Edging out of your comfort zone rocks. But attempting a quantum leap leads to all types of blogging struggles.


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What is the right and wrong way to do blog challenges? As always, everything depends on your energy, your intent, your predominant feeling in choosing to join a blog challenge.


The Right Way to Do Blog Challenges


If you join a blog challenge from a predominant feeling of fun, freedom and peace of mind, with a twinge of fear mixed in, congratulate yourself: you joined a challenge the right way. Feelings mean everything. How you feel diving in to a challenge dictates if the challenge benefits or hurts you. Join these 30 or 60 day – or longer – challenges to have fun, to free yourself and to edge outside of your comfort zone an inch at a time. Choosing the right, good-feeling intent nudges you into fear of course but marvel at the blogger you become after picking a good-feeling motivator.


Challenges do not feel like challenges if you follow the ritual from a more relaxed, enjoyable energy. Blogging work becomes blogging play. Observing if you can see the challenge through feels not stressful, but fun and rewarding. Listen to your heart. Does a challenge feel fun and freeing to you? Yes? Dive in for your freedom, fulfillment and to accelerate your blogging success.


The Wrong Way to Do Blog Challenges


If you join a blog challenge from a predominant vibe of fear, force, scarcity and trepidation, you are in trouble because this is the wrong way to embark on a blogging challenge. Unfortunately, most bloggers do challenges the wrong way. Evidence? Observe how most bloggers flame out in frustration, exhaustion and heavy self-judgment after joining a challenge. Jumping into challenges from heavy energies of fear deludes you into believing you can take a quantum leap from struggling blogger who publishes once monthly to successful blogger who publishes daily, all in freaking 30 days. Are you nutz-o? I love you guys, but believing that a 30 day challenge solves your blogging problems is foolish because YOU solve your blogging problems by facing, feeling and releasing your fear burdens-anchors.


Release these heavy energies. Proceed. Whether you dive into a blog challenge or simply blog weekly or perhaps you engage in a more persistent networking campaign, facing fear, feeling fear, releasing fear and following your fun is the fundamental key to blogging success. Challenges are just….challenges…..neutral, meaningless tests humans set up for self in mind.


Challenges are just….challenges…..neutral, meaningless tests humans set up for self in mind.Click To Tweet




I never engaged in a 30 day blog challenge and I have:


  • published thousands upon thousands of guest posts
  • published thousands upon thousands of blog posts
  • written and self-published over 120 eBooks
  • commented on likely 100,000 plus blogs


over my 10 year blogging career.


I *have* engaged in many hours of personal development to follow my fun and to face, feel and release my fears.


Do challenges feel fun, freeing and a bit scary to you? Dive in. Experience the benefits of choosing a good-feeling driver. But if challenges feel heavy, resistance and forced, do not bother because trying to make a blogging quantum leap does more harm, than good.




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