What Is the Simplest Way to Start a Blog?

Someone asked me on Quora what is the quickest way to start a blog in their niche.

My reply will always be: visit a top blogging tips blog, buy the blogger’s courses and eBooks, and follow their advice to start a blog the right way. I mucked up this advice I offer now, of course, for a long time. I winged it as a newbie. Someone explained how I should buy my domain and hosting to start blogging. I did not question the individual. I blindly followed his advice. Years later, I still felt lost because I never following advice from a top blogging tips blogger.

I did not buy their courses and eBooks. I certainly did not read their blogs. I mindlessly wrote and published blog posts for years. Never mind how I niche hopped like most people change their minds. But I did learn my lesson eventually. Deciding to follow professional blogging tips blogger advice put me on the straight and narrow because following successful advice is the simplest way to start a blog.

Pros know how to start blogs the right way. Ask pros. Or even better, invest money in pro blogger resources to learn from the best how to start a blog the right way. I would not ask questions about how to start a blog on Quora because:

  • free question and answer sites allow anyone to answer questions; failing or struggling bloggers often give poor advice on sites like Quora but being a new blogger, you cannot discern good advice from bad advice
  • no top professional blogger offers their best, most in-depth advice for starting blogs on Quora; top pros become professionals who make money online by offering their most in-depth advice through their premium courses, eBooks and services
  • Quora has strict rules in place concerning linking to valuable posts, eBooks and courses via answers; the best advice online goes unseen on the network

Offline, you and I go to a doctor when we feel really sick. You and I use common sense in seeking expert opinions to tackle problems. Why then do most aspiring bloggers ask complete strangers on a free Q and A site how to start a blog when this is an incredibly important, critical question to get answered if you plan to live your dreams through blogging?

I believe that people feel that since it’s so easy to buy your domain and hosting that it must be as easy to start blogging the right way. Most bloggers figure the answer must be easy to get and easier to follow. Why not just ask any blogger on a free Q and A site versus investing money in advice from a seasoned pro, right? WRONG.

Imagine if you want to travel the world through blogging, like me. Would you ask anybody on Quora about how to start a blog? Or would you buy my eBook on how to be a traveling pro blogger?

7 Tips to Become a Professional Blogger Who Blogs from Paradise

Anybody with a decent chunk of brain cells firing would be wise to buy my eBook because:

  • I have circled the globe as a pro blogger so I know how to start blogging the right way from personal experience
  • I wrote an eBook specifically explaining how to become a pro blogger who blogs from paradise based on my personal experience
  • I have 15,000 hours of blogging experience; I have probably made more mistakes – and corrections – than most bloggers make in their entire lifetimes, so I can tell you all types of common errors to avoid to cut your blogging learning curve

Doesn’t it make perfect sense when I explain things this way?

Invest in courses, buy eBooks and follow blogs of pro blogging tips bloggers.

This is the simplest way to start a blog successfully.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.

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