What Social Media Platforms Are Best to Promote Your Blog On?

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Whatever social media platform you work generously, persistently and patiently is the best social media platform for promoting your blog. First, be generous. Then, be social. Then, social media users trust you. Trusting social media users follow your blog, boost your traffic and increase your profits, too.


Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter do not increase blog traffic in and of themselves. Facebook cannot do anything because Facebook is an inanimate concept, unable to do anything, solo. But bloggers who generously help people, make friends and build bonds on the platform increase blog traffic through Facebook, not because of Facebook, but because of their generosity. Generosity opens doors on social media or through any platform. Social media sites or platforms alone do not DO anything.


I know, I know; this concept seems difficult to understand because bloggers tell you that specific social media website drive traffic to your blog. But the blogger, the blogger’s skills and the blogger’s commitment to sites like Facebook and Twitter make the difference.



Social Media Sites Give You What You Give Social Media Sites


Imagine spending hours answering questions on Facebook Groups related to your niche over months. Members of those Groups appreciate your knowledge, admire your service and trust your advice. Some of those members visit your profile and click on your blog link or simply click on your blog post link via links you share to the Group. Traffic and profits expand for you, from there.


Or perhaps you share a helpful live video on Facebook daily answering pressing problems in your blogging niche. Viewers and Facebook friends appreciate your knowledge. Some friends click your blog link via your profile. Traffic boost. Potential profits boost, too.


Site Differences


Different sites requires different strategies. Twitter is a short and sweet social site. Keep tweets brief. Tweet early and often. Facebook encourages less frequent updates. But overall, the differences between social media sites seem not to be too vast. Being social and generous with your knowledge is the ultimate difference maker.


Be Social


Engage human beings on niche specific Groups on Facebook. Join. Answer questions. Help people. Talk to people. Gain trust. Attract people to your blog. Ditto for Twitter. Help people. Answer questions. Engage people frequently. Be as social as possible. Respond to folks who RT your tweets. @reply tweeters who @reply you. Engaging makes social media go because friends you make on social by chatting tend to visit your blog and buy your stuff.




Do not try to obsessively promote your blog on social media as the way to increase blog traffic and profits. Drop your blog post links of course, but get hella busy helping people freely. Help people for free and talk to people on social media to gain their trust. Then trusting social media buddies follow your blog. Blog followers read blog posts, buy products and hire bloggers for their services.


The process is quite simple but of course, requires 100’s to 1000’s of working hours to work effectively. Most bloggers quit social before putting in enough work and time to see appreciable returns, their fears influencing them to panic and bail. The few bloggers who persist with the simple strategy of creating and connecting increase their blogging business success through social media.




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