Why Let eBook Confusion Stop You?

I delayed writing and self-publishing my first eBook for a minute. Meaning, for a long time.

I feared the process of sitting down to write the thing. Who would actually buy the eBook? Why would someone buy an eBook I wrote? How would the individual buy the eBook? What platform would I use the sell the thing? How would I format the eBook? Confusion dominated my mind.

But I finally sat down to write the thing. This was in 2013. Different times. Different platform. But you get the drift, because 100 plus eBooks later, I added that many assets to my blogging passive income library. Why let eBook confusion stop you? Why not just write the thing? Writing and self-publishing eBooks inspired readers and allowed me to globe trot, snapping shots like the featured image I photographed in New Zealand.

Sit with fears scaring you about the eBook-writing process. Allow the energies to dissipate. Let the fears pass. Write the thing by investing in an eBook for writing eBooks – my read – to begin from the right energy. I patiently learned the eBook writing basics. I soon discovered most bloggers have more than enough knowledge to sit down, write and self-publish an eBook.

Kindle short reads span from 30-60 minutes. Most bloggers can write a 5000 word eBook. For some reason, great fear manifests as confusion the moment bloggers ponder writing eBooks. But self-published authors dissolve fears because people who walked the self-publishing path teach you how to walk the path too.

Think about the joy of helping people through the read. Imagine inspiring people through your eBook. Feel the freedom of earning passive income through the eBook. Dwell on these emotions for a while. Allow the energies to seep into your being. Play around with freedom in your mind’s eye. Guaranteed, confusion dissolves into clarity by feeling better about the eBook-creating process.

One of my old blogging buddies nudged me off of the ledge. He told me I could do it. He almost forced me to do it. Even though I self-published on a different platform than Amazon, all I needed to get going was to write and self-publish my first read. Someone nudged me. I nudged myself. My experience expanded.

But discovering Amazon gave me a broad new range of both opportunities and obstacles. I felt confident enough to write an eBook and self-publish it on the platform but feared formatting and selling issues. How would I format the eBook for Kindle? How would I sell the eBook through the platform? Research aided me. I learned how to format and sell eBooks from professionals who knew how to format and sell eBooks.

Do not compare the process to rocket science or brain surgery. Picture the eBook-creating process as repackaging information you possess as prior knowledge. I advise to self-publish what you know. Feel free to research topics not familiar to you but expect to add layers of work, time and heaviness to the process. Think Kindle short reads. Not War and Peace.

Writing the eBook is simple because covering your blogging niche is similar to writing and publishing a 6000 word, pillar style post. Formatting changes. Content does not. Create an eBook outline. Consider listing 10 to 15 chapters. Break chapters down into subsections. Drill down to effectively flesh out the read. Write the thing. Self-publish it. Build your tribe through your blog.

Increase sales by growing your blogging community. I skipped some broad strokes but fundamentally, writing and selling eBooks is simple. Navigating the minefield of limiting beliefs is uncomfortable. Nobody enjoys facing, feeling and releasing eBook fears but clearing the fears is necessary to write, self-publish and sell an eBook through Amazon. I know you’re up to it.

I share 3 steps to write and self-publish eBooks via this video from a while back:

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