Why Would You Trust Your Blogging Doubts?

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Why would you trust your blogging doubts?


Some bloggers never progress for doubts anchoring ’em down. Other bloggers blog in fits and stars based on doubting, then edging forward, then doubting, then edging forward. Imagine a scenario like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards. Success may find you but in greatly delayed fashion. Meanwhile, bloggers who do the best job NOT trusting their doubts taking 3 steps forward and succeed more quickly versus doing the two-step-doubt-tango. Move forward seamlessly. Challenge your blogging doubts ruthlessly. I make it a habit to stare my blogging doubts directly in the face. Stare fear down. Make fear beat a hasty retreat. Get outta here, fear!


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One common error seems to cripple most bloggers at some time or another. Bloggers suffer doubts. Trusting doubts leads you toward blogging failure. Not trusting doubts moves you toward greater success. Everything depends on going within to figure out what doubts you trust and letting go these limiting beliefs. One of my common doubts rests on fears concerning updating old blog content. I have noted this before. Fears arise in my mind. Do I waste my time updating old content? Will enough people read my old content? Do I better spend time promoting all of the old content I already published? As each question dances around in your mind, think long and hard about how you doubt and how your doubts cripple your blogging campaign.


Mountains, Essex County, Upstate New York.

Mountains, Essex County, Upstate New York


I published a high volume of video-only posts to honor my blogging flow over the years. However, my intuition pulled me to update and re-publish these old posts with 600-1500 words per post. Google loves content. On a deeper level, Google loves helpful words. Writing and re-publishing a high volume of helpful words positioned Blogging From Paradise more favorably on Google. However, edging into doubts surfacing related to updating and re-publishing old content opened the door for more search traffic. Being with fears fueling those doubts felt quite unpleasant to me, if not outright cringe-worthy, here and there. What could I do? Either surrender to the doubt to leave traffic on the table or dissect the doubt within to increase search traffic flowing to Blogging From Paradise.


High Peaks Wilderness, New York State


Being generous demands that I add valuable words to old content, update the posts and re-publish for both you and me. But being even more generous requires me to also promote as much old content as possible. Either I doubt and regress or progress based on my belief in self. Doubts spanned to a wide range of areas for me. If you see it on my blog you better believe I doubted doing the thing for a bit, at least. Self-doubt racked my mind in regards to my eBooks. I firmly convinced myself no one had any interest in purchasing these offerings. But ceasing to trust those doubts allowed me to begin writing and self-publishing a high volume of eBooks.




Do not trust your doubts. Move in the opposite direction toward your dreams. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Blogging changes if you change within. Changing within involves challenging each and every one of your self doubts to move in a more successful direction. Ease into this process. Nobody enjoys feeling fear. No one loves feeling self-doubt. But refusing to deeply trust blogging doubts opens you up to greater blogging possibilities. I never could have been the eBook-publishing machine I am today unless I stopped trusting doubts related to writing and self-publishing eBooks. Everything changed when I changed my mind.




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Never Trust Your Doubts those Jerks

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