Why Your Home Will Look Great With Plywood Furniture

Plywood is a durable and versatile material in construction, so many homeowners prefer to use it for their furniture. There are a variety of uses of plywood that you only need to look around to see the evidence of wood construction everywhere. Plywood comes with various degrees of properties and strength, making it practically the Swiss army knife in the construction industry. You can add many plywood furniture items in your home, and the benefits are a lot too.

Great with Plywood Furniture

Many types of plywood available cater to different functions.

  • Hardwood plywood: It is made with angiosperms, which is popularly known for its hardness and strength.
  • Softwood plywood: It is typically made of redwood, pine, fir, spruce, and cedar.
  • Marine plywood: It is typically made out of tropical hardwoods and is used in boat or dock construction
  • Tropical plywood: This one is known to its evenness of layers, high density, high quality, and strength.
  • Decorative plywood: It is a popular material for making furniture, cabinetry, and fixtures. It is usually made from mahogany, maple, oak, rosewood, birch, or ash.
  • Flexible plywood: This type of plywood is used for making curved pieces.

What Are the Benefits of plywood furniture?

  • It is durable and strong

    Plywood is stronger than solid wood. Plywood has addressed whatever problems that natural wood has regarding strength. While solid wood is tough along the grain, the strength of the plywood is distributed evenly due to its cross-grained characteristic. With the use of phenolic adhesives and veneers, the plywood gets much stronger. For this, it can resist sharp blows and wear and tear.

  • It can prevent splitting for a long time

    While many people use solid wood for various projects, it may likely snap, particularly when you screw and drive a nail through it. On the other hand, plywood has a cross-layered structure that prevents it from splitting.

  • It is lightweight

    Despite being well-known for being hard-wearing and long-lasting, plywood is incredibly lightweight. This specific characteristic makes it ideal for plywood furniture. It is easy to manage and work on when crafting furniture items for homes, or even for commercial applications. Transporting plywood is not a problem as well due to its being light.

  • It offers the best value for money

    When using plywood for any construction project, rest assured that there is little wastage. Every inch of a plywood sheet has a purpose so that you can make the most of this material. It is a cost-effective product, which is another reason for its popularity among homeowners and builders.

  • It is environmentally friendly

    Of all the products that humans create, plywood is one of the most eco-friendly ones. While it requires using wood, the manufacture of a workable plywood sheet uses lesser timber. In other words, manufacturing plywood conserves more timber, making it an eco-friendly material.

  • It is beautiful

    No question, plywood looks great. Remember that plywood is still real wood. The inner layer of the plywood may likely be made from utility-grade material; it has outer veneers that look glossy and lustrous. If you have seen projects using species of wood such as walnut, mahogany, alder, hickory, etc., most likely they are covering panels of plywood.

With all the advantages that plywood brings, it can be the perfect material for your woodworking project. The smart way to go is to choose plywood furniture for your home.

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