WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2020: 35% Discount

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Are you looking for sweet deals as regards WP Rocket this Black Friday? Then you are right on track. We will be discussing why you should take advantage of the WP Rocket Black Friday sales.

WPRocket Black Friday Deal 2020

WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2020: 35% Discount 4

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WP Rocket is one of the essential plugins that would boost the performance of your WordPress site. The plugin works by optimizing the cache of your site pages. This is essential for fast load time.

So, let’s check how WP Rocket performs its function on your website and more importantly, how to get the plugin with the Black Friday deal.

WP Rocket Review

Website Speed is the most endearing factor any website can have. The best websites around have been able to achieve high traffic because of their speed and accessibility. The moment any website loses its speed, it starts becoming irrelevant. That is how important speed is in the internet world.

The truth is that all websites can become slow over time because of the way they are built. Either through their program building code or their cached pages and for some other reasons, websites tend to slow down the more they get traffic.

The interesting thing here is that the most visited websites like Google still have very high speed. So, it gets one wondering, how do they do it? And I’m sure everyone wants their website speed as fast as that of Google. This is where WP Rocket plugin comes into play.

WP Rocket plugin is an optimized cache plugin for WordPress sites that helps increase the speed of the website. It possesses advanced features than your regular plugin and makes WordPress sites load faster. WP Rocket cache plugin has been vouched for by many website users as the real deal when it comes to enhancing your website speed.

WP Rocket Features

1. Cache Preloading

A cached page is made when users visit a page on your websites after the cache lifespan has expired. A solution to this is cache preloading, and it’s one of the most outstanding features of WP Rocket.

Cache preloading helps to warm the newly edited and added pages on your website. WP Rocket offers two options when it comes to cache preloading.

a. Preload Bot: Preload Bot caching is a bot that is automated to preload newly added pages and newly-edited pages on your website. Although it is a resource-intensive task and also requires strong servers for backend processes, it gets the preloading done.

b. Sitemap Preloading: Through the sitemap.xml, the WP Rocket will preload all pages on your website available in the sitemap except for the newly edited or added pages.

WP Rocket is offering these options for customers to choose from. Any option that suits the client’s needs can still get the work done.

2. Image Lazy Loading

In WP Rocket, you can enable lazy image loading. Image lazy loading is simply delaying the loading of an image until it comes into the view of the user. This way, web pages load faster because it prioritizes what is on the viewport.

Lazy load decreases the number of HTTP requests and in effect reduces the load time of the page. Users can also disable embeds of WordPress and emojis.

3. WP Rocket is CDN Compatible

The WP Rocket interface provides options where you can optimize settings, enable the development mode and retrieve protocol. In case you use CDNs like KeyCDN or MaxCDN to enhance your website speed.

WP Rocket can be used to rewrite and exclude CDN URLs. For other services like Cloudflare, go to the add-ons section of the WP Rocket interface and activate the Cloudflare add-on.

4. Database Cleaning

Junk files on the websites contribute massively to slowing down the speed of your website. Junk files such as spams, trash posts, expired transients, auto drafts and so on can become a big burden on your site depending on your site traffic.

WP Rocket offers cleaning services for trash like that right from the dashboard. There are also automated cleanup services which can be scheduled by you.

5. Minifying and Concatenating

This feature allows you to minify and concat your HTML, JS and CSS files. To minify is to reduce the file size while to concat is to combine or integrate multiple files into one.

Minifying HTML, JS and CSS files means WP Rocket removes unnecessary lines in the program code. There is no cause for alarm though, as this minification does not tamper with the functionality of the site.

Concatenating the sites helps combine multiple JS or CSS files from your site. Both the minification and concatenation processes are targeted at reducing the overall size of your site. This, in turn, enhances the site speed.

6. WP Rocket Add-ons to Boost Site Performance

From the WP Rocket dashboard, you can manage lots of interesting and highly useful add-ons. Applications such as Facebook Pixel, Sucuri, Google Analytics and so on are there for the exploration of the clients.

Each of these integrated tools has their take on how to get your site ranking better. Anf from the data they provide, you can get which pages of your website are lagging. Then, you can get your developer in line to do a routine check-up.

7. Import/Export

WP Rocket allows importing or exporting plugin settings from other cache plugins. You can import settings from another caching plugin directly into your WP Rocket cache plugin. 

This also is applicable for exporting settings from your WP Rocket Cache Plugin. There is also the chance to go back to the previous cache setting being used in case there is a change of mind.

8. Easy to Use Dashboard

The dashboard of WP Rocket was made with the ease of clients in mind. All the settings you need to play around are carefully arranged in a stacked menu. Other functions are accessible from the settings page. 

For the site manager, all the data needed on the website cache and load time are provided on the main page. You can check from here to get a glimpse of what WP Rocket recommends for your page to load faster.

What is WP Rocket Black Friday Deal?

This Black Friday is bringing with it a mega sweet deal on WP Rocket cache plugin. The best time to get your plugin is this Black Friday because as much as 35% discount is on for the WP Rocket plugin. It’s okay to be supercharged for this deal because it is a bargain.

  1. Single Plan: A year of support and plugin updates. It is meant for a single website and perfect for single-site owners. The single plan is available at $49 per annum.
  2. Plus Plan: The Plus plan is available for three websites. Accompanying it also is a year of support and plugin updates. The plus plan costs $99, and it is perfect for webmasters having multiple WordPress Sites. 
  3. Infinite Plan: As the name indicates, this plan comes with an unlimited number of sites. One year of Support and Plugin updates is also available. This plan is perfect for agencies and webmasters who deal with more than ten sites.

How to Activate WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2020?

To activate the WP Rocket Black Friday sale, all you need to do is follow these five steps.

  1. Visit their website and click on the “Buy it Now” button.
  2. Pick the pricing plan that suits your budget and your needs.
  3. Enter your basic details such as email, the country of the product order page. It will then direct you to payment. 

The coupon is automated and will apply the 35% discount on any order you place as you click the “Place Order” button.

5 WP Rocket Black Friday Deal FAQs

Is WP Rocket Black Friday Deal Worth?

The fact remains that not all sites need a plugin to manage their activities. But if you are among the vast majority of WordPress site owners who have no time to sit with their website maintenance personally, then WP Rocket Black Friday Deal is one you can’t afford to miss.

Final Thoughts about WP Rocket Black Friday Deal

The WP Rocket Black Friday Deal gives subscribers a 35% discount on plan pricing. You can make it a date to get your website loading faster, and in essence, your site also ranks better.

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