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Perhaps the most bitter blogging pill to swallow involves being at peace with where you are. Maybe you feel you SHOULD be farther along. Perhaps you know you SHOULD be counting millions of dollars right now. But you have not made a penny blogging. What gives? Why does blogging – and life – seem to be so cruel, so unfair?

Everything changes the split second you fully accept where you are right now. Fully embrace your blogging career in the moment. Own your presence. The only way to grow is to own your blogging career, right now, to understand that you need to be at where you are at.

Should’s need to go. Nobody cares. Truly, any blogger who believes they should be further along do not understand the problem with that line of thinking and feeling. Believing you should be somewhere else moves your attention from where you are. The only way to go full time is to blog in the light of truth. Blogging in the light of truth means being present, humble, generous and persistent in all you do. The split second you complain about not making more money or driving more traffic now, you lend all the power to make more money and drive more traffic to the future, and since the future is an illusion – as is time – you do not make more money and drive more traffic.

Humble yourself. You are NOT blogging hot stuff. Nor are you the influencer your ego foolishly believes it to be. Guess what happens when you are a genuine influencer? You could care less! Real influencers become so busy helping people generously that they have no time to brag or boast about their perceived influencer status. Plus, real, dyed in the wool, influential bloggers become so busy fielding email and social media pitches that they have no time and energy to even see themselves as an influencer, let along bragging about being an influencer.

Where you are right now with your blog is exactly where you need to be to see your blind spots, failures, mistakes, errors and any blogging boo boo you make right now which prevents your growth. If you believe you should be making 6 figures by now but have not made a penny blogging, you are exactly $100,000 away from making 6 figures blogging. Guess what that means? Humble yourself, let go your ego delusions, and start being a 6 figure blogger now, releasing expectations and generously helping people.

You are at the perfect place and perfect time, right now. Bloggers who struggle need to honestly observe and own WHY they struggle, versus complaining about not being further along. Stop deluding yourself; you need to own your fears, feel these energies and dissect your mistakes to begin blogging successfully.

Becoming a pro blogger involves blogging the right way for many 100’s of hours before you make a penny and blogging the right way for many 1000’s of hours before you make enough money to become a professional blogger. Blogging for 100’s of hours delves into months of your life and blogging for 1000’s of hours delves into years of your life. Knowing this and accepting these truths, you quickly see you SHOULD NOT be further along with your blogging success, but, you are exactly where you need to be, right now.

Show humility. Stop complaining about not being further along and start generously helping people persistently. You will be further along when you stop complaining from a deluded state and start helping people generously from an abundant, persistent energy.


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